Our Work on Environmental Issues

Our focus is on Climate Change, understanding what is causing it and working on climate actions that can help reverse climate change.

Climate Change Primer

What you need to know. A clear and concise explanation about Climate Change.

Climate Action Social Enterprise

We work with smallholder farmers around the world building Social Enterprises

to stop the smoke monetizing with carbon credits.

Biochar Information

What is biochar, and how can it help reverse climate change?

Biochar Africa

Stories, videos, and reports on our biochar partners across Africa.

Biochar Thailand

A history of our Stop the Smoke campaign initiated in Thailand,

and the progress of biochar.

Environmental ebooks by Dr. D. Michael Shafer

We offer a selection of ebooks for free download.

News and Information

Check out our Environmental Progress News archive!

Can Your Town Save the Earth?

Discover the climate action your town can use to help cool the planet,

and save money doing it!

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