Our Environment Program addresses Climate Change, the crisis of our times, where it starts – locally – but our solutions are global.

Warm Heart’s focus is on sustainable community development in Phrao, a rural, mountainous community in Northern Thailand.

Our experimental, technology and training programs are replicable anywhere.

We believe, and are demonstrating that community social enterprises provide new local sources of income by repurposing and recycling waste that is polluting our world.

Two solid projects have emerged, “Stop the Smoke” turning agricultural waste into biochar, and “Styrofoam Bricks”, recycling styrofoam with cement. Both projects create products that are healing to the environment.

Stop the Smoke

Our 5 year plan is based on incentive to help stop the smoke from agricultural fires. Year one we trained farmers how to convert crop waste into biochar, buying all the biochar they could make.

Training how to build an oven

Year two was spent developing marketable products with the biochar. We have focused on biochar fertilizer and biochar briquettes.

Biochar briquettes

We are preparing for our 3rd year, combining the experience of the first 2 years to set up sustainable social enterprise programs in farming villages around Northern Thailand, with farmers making biochar and turning it into profitable products.

Styrofoam Bricks

How do you rid the world of styrofoam? It is everywhere and it is indestructible.

You turn it into foam cement and build it into structures that will last for 50 years.

Styrofoam bricks

At Warm Heart, we make bricks and panels that provide excellent thermal and sound insulation, and can be added to flat roofs to improve insulation.

Brick wall

Foam cement removes a terrific strain on waste management and cuts energy consumption. In rural areas, it provides jobs and income for the disabled and elderly.

Sustainable Farming



Biochar has the power to reverse climate change and to repair the damage that we have done to the air, soils and water upon which we depend for survival.

The goal is to pave the way to make saving the environment profitable and sustainable. Learm more about the many Benefits of Biochar

Biochar Training

First Biochar Training Seminar

Poor farmers seldom see extension agents but their bad farming practices contribute to climate change and their own poverty. We provide free training videos and training materials in sustainable farming practices.

Demonstration Farm

Our biochar technology and training programs have been widely adopted because we start in local fields. New ideas are tested first on the Demonstration Farm we run with farmers from 14 villages. Learn More

Environmental Progress News

Biochar in Africa

Biochar Sweeps East Africa

Sr. Miriam Paulette represents the Warm Heart Biochar Project in East, Central and Southern Africa. You will also find us in Paga, Bolgatanga, Northeast Region, Ghana, where we are Rural Renaissance-Warm Heart and represented by Abeidi Bawa. 

Read more about this exciting development…

Experimental Farm

Measuring results

To contribute accurate data to other organizations assisting the world’s rural poor Warm Heart conducts scientific research to test different formulations of biochar fertilizers and biochar v. chemical fertilizers. Learn More

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