Warm Heart Environment Program

Our Environment Program addresses Climate Change, the crisis of our times, where it starts – locally – but our solutions are global. The 2.56 billion rural poor of the world farm unsustainably and contribute heavily to climate change. Globally, they also suffer the most from environmental destruction because they cannot protect themselves. Our experimental, technology and training programs offer solutions for everywhere.


Climate Change Primer


Climate Change Primer is an educational tool to help people understand what is happening with global warming and climate change.

Whether you believe that humans cause climate change or that it is the result of natural factors, the rapid increase in global temperatures, frequency of catastrophic storms and fires, and rising sea levels make all of us nervous about our changing world. This Primer introduces the essential terms in the discussion and the main actors in the debate.

Written in laymen terms, any one with questions about Climate Change and Global Warming will find this information useful and enlightening.


Biochar has the power to reverse climate change and to repair the damage that we have done to the air, soils and water upon which we depend for survival.

The goal is to pave the way to make saving the environment profitable and sustainable. Learm more about the many Benefits of Biochar

Biochar Training

Poor farmers seldom see extension agents but their bad farming practices contribute to climate change and their own poverty. We provide free training videos and training materials in sustainable farming practices.

Demonstration Farm

Our biochar technology and training programs have been widely adopted because we start in local fields. New ideas are tested first on the Demonstration Farm we run with farmers from 14 villages. Learn More

Experimental Farm

To contribute accurate data to other organizations assisting the world’s rural poor Warm Heart conducts scientific research to test different formulations of biochar fertilizers and biochar v. chemical fertilizers. Learn More

Local Issues

Decades of strip-cut logging, traditional flooded paddy rice propagation, field burning, over farming and heavy use of fertilizers have destroyed Phrao’s once vibrant ecosystem.

Mountainsides are scarred by steep, barren corn fields and the valley’s exhausted soils force farmers to depend heavily on artificial fertilizers.

These chemicals are now destroying soil fertility, poisoning fish ponds and no longer stimulating the yields they once did, while squeezing farmers’ slim profits with their high costs.

The goal of our environmental program is to restore the environment while creating economic development opportunities by teaching farmers sustainable agricultural practices and developing the new technology they need.

Global Impact

“Smokey Season” is not limited to Chiang Mai, or Thailand, but is a practice used all over Asia. And it has a negative impact all around the world.

Our environmental program’s Biochar Project offers a solution to help put an end to climate change and reverse the damage that has been done.

We are planting the seed in Phrao and want to see it sprout up all around Asia. The road to change is one step at a time.

We have taken that step. Join us on our journey to help build speed and momentum!