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Warm Heart partners with three university chapters of Engineers Without Borders and one professional chapter to solve community drinking water problems.

Engineers without borders

Hang Tam, Mae Sai Na Lau and Mae Bon Villages:

Like many villages in Phrao, three months a year these villages must choose between drinking water and water for their animals and fields. The Stevens Institute of Technology student chapter of Engineers Without Borders spent a summer refurbishing an old water pipeline from the mountains and building storage tanks to ensure that villagers will never have to choose again. (2015)

Mae Wan Sub-District:

Twenty years ago when its water system was constructed, Mae Wan had 2,500 inhabitants. Today it has 6,000. Agricultural acreage has quintupled. Nothing has been done to expand the water system. The Honolulu professional chapter of Engineers Without Borders is building a water budget for the sub-district as the basis for the development of a new water system. (2013-present)

Nong Bua Village:

The villagers of Nong Bua came to Warm Heart because their water was undrinkable. We found the filtration system in complete disrepair. The Rutgers University student chapter of Engineers Without Borders spent three summers turning it into the model for Phrao District. (2008-2010)

Nong Pit Village:

In the middle of the dry season, the headman of Nong Pit came to tell us that the village’s water supplies had run dry and to ask if we could help. A visit revealed a small spring more than a mile up the mountain above the village. The following summer, The Collage of New Jersey student chapter of Engineers Without Borders built large storage tanks at the spring and ran a pipe line down to the village. (2009)