Education Partnership With Ton Roong

Education is a great need for many children. But Warm Heart only has room for 45 kids in our Children’s Homes.

So what about all the other children trapped in mountain villages with no schools or access to education?

Meet our Strategic Education Partner Ton Roong School.

Ton Roong is a government boarding primary school for Hill Tribe children. But it can only care for the kids five days a week.

Our kids come from villages too far away to return to, or from families too dangerous to return to. What to do? Warm Heart provides caregivers, meals and teachers during the weekends.

Our Partner School Program currently permits 19 children to attend school who would otherwise have received no schooling at all.

But Ton Roong School is operating at half capacity – 150 students not 300 – because so many live too far away to attend. Every one of those children deserves the opportunity to attend school.

Not all of the children can live at Warm Heart, but you can help a needy child receive an off campus education right now!


Donations help us to:

  • Provide caregivers, food, extra lessons and recreation on weekends
  • Provide after school classes in Thai, English and math for Ton Roong
  • Provide computers and an internet connection for Ton Roong
  • Help roll out a similar partnership program for middle school children
  • Make sure children have an opportunity for an education

Donate Today

Donate Today!

More Solutions Needed

Ton Roong school, while a great alternative, is  a primary school and only goes through the 6th grade. When our sponsored kids graduate, if we have room they come to Warm Heart. But we are at full capacity as it is.

Our goal is to establish a partnership with a middle school and a high school, so these kids can continue their education and have an opportunity to succeed.

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