We Teach Our Community How To Succeed in a Changing World

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We believe that education provides the only sure path out of poverty.

But in Phrao getting the education to make it in the modern world is hard.

Schools lack computers, internet connections are bad, teachers don’t speak English and are pre-digital.

Through partnerships with local schools and Strategic Partners, we provide more education opportunities for the children and adults who seek a brighter future.

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Education Success

At Warm Heart we work hard to inspire our kids to do well in school. To understand that education is the only path out of a life of poverty.

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Our Impact:

  • Average GPA at our kids’ school (K to 9) – 90% Thai students – is 1.75 out of 4; the average GPA of our children is 2.6.
  • On average in northern Thailand, 85% of students drop out after 6th grade; 100% of our children graduate.
  • Today three of our Warm Heart children have completed high school; all three are now at university.

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Barb’s Place Education Center

barbs place education center
Barb’s Place, Warm Heart’s newly completed Community Education Center, offers the people of Phrao a public access computer lab and fast internet, first rate computer literacy and English courses, critical resources and educational opportunities.

Help put Phrao online

Help us turn Barb’s Place Education Center into the IT center of Phrao – a computer education hub, an incubator for young internet entrepreneurs and a launch pad for social enterprises that, for example, provide agricultural extension services to farmers or ecommerce platforms for local businesses.

Your investment can make Barb’s Place the IT training center and IT business incubator Phrao will never have without you.

Barb’s Place was made possible in partnership with our Strategic Partner Building Futures Thailand. To learn more about other successful projects please visit our Strategic Partners page.

Ton Roong Education Partnership

Warm Heart has room for only 40 kids in the Children’s Homes.

What about all the other children trapped in mountain villages with no schools or access to education?

Meet our Strategic Partner the Ton Roong School.

Ton Roong is a government boarding primary school for Hill Tribe children. But it can only care for the kids five days a week.

Our kids come from villages too far away to return to, or from families too dangerous to return to. What to do? Warm Heart provides caregivers, meals and teachers during the weekends.

Our Partner School Program currently permits 19 children to attend school who would otherwise have received no schooling at all.

But Ton Roong School is operating at half capacity – 150 students not 300 – because so many live too far away to attend. Every one of those children deserves the opportunity to attend school.

You can help a child receive an education right now!

Ton Roon

Donations help us to:

  • Provide caregivers, food, extra lessons and recreation on weekends
  • Provide after school classes in Thai, English and math for Ton Roong
  • Provide computers and an internet connection for Ton Roong
  • Help roll out a similar partnership program for middle school children

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Education Community Center

How can you help our education program?

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An investment in knowledge pays the best interest
~ Benjamin Franklin