Design sponsors are the crux of success of our microenterprise project,  from professional fashion designers from around the world who donate their time and talent to create new designs for our co-op members. They visit us, design primarily with local materials, and work with our local artisan women. US $500 can create a new fashion line!



Our women’s groups depend on us for design, production financing and marketing. We currently sell to higher end stores in Chiang Mai, overseas online wholesalers and direct to consumers at our store Fashion Accessories by Warm Heart.

If you are experienced in all aspects of the fashion business (designing, merchandising, production, pricing & marketing) and would like to sponsor a small Warm Heart collection, we would love to collaborate with you. Your design idea could either be an offshoot of an existing collection or an entirely new product category.

Three short steps bring our design sponsors work to life

1) Design Evaluation

Contact us with your design idea and our program coordinator will be in touch to discuss the feasibility of your product idea(s) and whether or not we can successfully make your items.

2) Financial Feasibility

Each product or product line must be analyzed for costing and selling potential before it goes into production. Design Sponsors are responsible for financing (labor and material costs) and managing the product cycle from designing, materials sourcing, reviewing/approving samples and final packaging to product launch. An investment of as little as US$500 can cover labor, materials, production and sampling costs.

3) Design Sponsors Approval and Launch

Warm Heart will help you find workers and guide you every step of the way. If your product line sells well, Warm Heart will finance the second production run and all profits will be reinvested in Microenterprise.

Our Products

We currently have four product lines and are about to launch a fifth.

1) Handwoven scarves made from commercially dyed rayon and cotton yarn

design sponsors

2) Handwoven scarves made from organically dyed yarn

design sponsors

3) Handmade bracelets in attractive colorways made from a variety of materials


design sponsors

4) Laptop covers and tote bags made from recycled materials

design sponsors

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