Improving the Lives of Farmers and the Environment

Demonstration farm

Farmers’ number one issue is marketing. They feel that they do not know what to grow that will sell, where to sell, how to sell or to whom to sell.

The farmers also worry about the increasing irregularity of rain/water availability.

When asked, they also admit that they have problems managing money. They have a hard time managing cash flow, the cash requirements of the planting season, and debt.

Introduction of the Demonstration Farm Project

In collaboration with the villages of T.Maepang and Warm Heart Foundation, and with the support of the Tessabon, experts from the Ampure, ECHO Asia, Chiang Mai University and universities overseas we have a core group working towards learning better farming practices.

Our project is to demonstrate and provide hands-on training with new, organic ways of farming, new farming techniques and new crops, and to learn useful subjects such as farm and family budgeting. The farm will permit us to try many ideas and pick just the ones that work in A.Phrao and on our farms.

We are introducing pyrolyzers and compost choppers and working with:

  • Soil improvement, soil testing and soil test interpretation
  • Biochar, organic fertilizer
  • Composting, mulching
  • Recycling/bokashi
  • Crop rotation, intercropping, multi-layer planting, new crops
  • Solar
  • Legumes/nitrogen fixing
  • EM
  • Improved animal feeds, improved fish feeds, improved animal housing/care

Benefits for both participants and our environment

How to increase income

  • Plant better crops
  • Lower the cost of production
  • Increase your yields
  • Lower your cost of sales
  • Increase your sale prices
Demonstration Farm 5

Demonstration Farm

Creating a healthier environment

  • Reduce the amount of smoke you produce
  • Reduce the amount of pesticides you use

Improve financial security

  • Diversify crops
  • Learn how to build a farm and family budget
  • Use of insurance