Four different uniforms – shirt, pants/skirt, shoes, socks, belt, hat – per child, 57 kids – that’s 228 shirts, 228 skirts/pairs of pants, 228 pairs of shoes, 228 pairs of socks, 228 belts and 228 hats, just for the first week of school!

But kids grow – fast – and wear things out – fast.

They go through three complete sets of everything each year.

And there are knap sacks.

And pencil cases. And all the stuff that goes in pencil cases.

And the notebooks for every subject.

Uniforms and school bags

And try this on for size: every kid we graduate from 9th grade – a minor miracle around here – and send to high school adds $1,000 to the budget. When we graduate a young person from high school – a major miracle – and send him/her to university it adds at least $5,000. Success is costly!

So far, we have a 100% graduation rate.

Our mission is to educate our kids for a future free from poverty. School costs are everything to us. They are our mission costs.

You can help.

Join our mission. Please donate what you can to help us get the kids ready for back to school.

Together we can ensure all the Warm Heart kids a brighter future.