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From Analeigh

Hello Friends and Family!

As I continue my overseas experience, I have decided to commit ten weeks of my summer to volunteering with a non-profit organization in the rural Phrao valley of Northern Thailand called Warm Heart. Here I will be working with a group of other inspiring and dedicated volunteers from all over the world as well as a mixed American and Thai staff to increase the opportunities and welfare of the local hill tribe communities.

My main project is Fundraising as I have a background experimenting with fundraising methods for various organizations and understand the critical importance of funding for a grassroots organization’s success. I was attracted to Warm Heart because of their impressive mission to not simply solve the problems of the local communities for them but to instead help them to grow and sustain their own futures. I believe every human deserves the chance to learn and live out their lives to their fullest potential, which is why I am so dedicated to helping Warm Heart’s cause.

One of their biggest accomplishments is their Children’s Home, which provides shelter, food, love and care to 45 disadvantaged kids. Warm Heart works tirelessly to nurture these kids’ education with their own schools located outside of the main WH campus.

Unfortunately, due to budget costs, school buses which transported the kids to the schools were eliminated. Currently, this leaves Warm Heart with the struggle of getting 45 kids to school with nothing but one red pick-up truck.

That is why I am asking you to help me with the special project of fundraising for the children of Warm Heart’s very own Thai-Style bus to get them to and from school. It is the little things that make an enormous difference for these rural communities. The total needed for the bus is $4,500. To help accomplish this, I have a personal goal of $500 but am only asking for something small from anyone who wants to help me make a difference. Thanks so much for your support!

With love,


Try to Imagine.

You are born in a beautiful village in the mountains. You can see the school in the valley below, but you can’t get there.

Then Warm Heart, a nonprofit, takes you into its Children’s Home just miles from the school. For a while, all is well – and then the school bus stops coming. Suddenly, you and the forty-five other kids at Warm Heart have no way to get to school.

So close, yet so far away.

Will you help Warm Heart raise the $4,500 we need to build our own school bus?

Our children come from the mountains. Their villages do not have schools. Some kids don’t have families; some have families no child should have.

Many parents are illiterate.

Some kids are recommended to us by our spotters in the mountains; some are abandoned to us directly; still others are found wandering alone and are handed over to us.

They arrive at Warm Heart at 5 or 8 or 10 or 12 malnourished, unable to speak Thai and unschooled.

In two or three years, they are up to normal weight, fluent in Thai and far outperforming their classmates in school.

But we need to get them to school! Our school lost its funding, now no more school bus.

They – and we – depend on having a school bus, however. It is not much. A pickup truck with a covered back and benches. But it serves.

Help Us Build a School Bus

We need your help to build our own school bus. All we need – but must have – is the equivalent of the school bus that no longer comes.

• We need a used pickup. $3,500

• We need to be able to put a covered back on it. $600

• We need to be able to install benches. $400

• Total – $4,500

Will you help us build a Warm Heart school bus?

Will you help us get our kids to school?

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