Upskill Project Phrao (UPP)

Finn working with students

Since launch in September 2021, our Upskills Project has worked to enhance soft skills, basic English communication, and job training among youths in Phrao.

The goal of the project is to prepare young adults to have a better career in life by providing them the skills they need to be successful.

We provide the participants basic English speaking training, self-presentation training, cover letter/CV/resume writing skills, service-mind workshops, and real-life job training in hospitality industries. 

Finn leading class

Currently we have 10 students enrolled in our program which meets every Thursday and Friday from 4-5:30 pm for a period of 12 months.

The course consists of four terms. Our students are just nearing the end of their first term, in which they have learned basic grammar rules and communication in English.

In the next term, we will focus on presentation skills, job interview techniques, and cover letter/CV/resume writing skills.

In the third term, we will combine the skills they’ve learned so far and put them into real-world use by introducing them to websites and agencies where they can find jobs.

By the fourth and final term, we will arrange for them to go into the city for job networking purposes, encouraging them to make connections with future employers. 

Finn helping one of our children with homework

Our teachers include the program manager, “Finn”, who comes with an American GED and TEFL training. Having had to find his way in Thailand as a Burmese refugee, he brings first-hand knowledge of what is needed to build self-confidence and critical job skills.


Our long-time employee, “Da”, has added teaching English to her skill set and can ease the self-consciousness of her students who know her from the community.

Our student’s levels range between intermediate to upper-intermediate with most students being post-graduates while some are still in their final years of high school.

It is our hope that through the skills learned in this course we will foster the skills our local youth need to achieve their career goals and expand their opportunities in life. 

Finn has also been teaching English and Presentation skills to the Warm heart Children during their school break,

This project is funded through donations to our Core Competency Project on Global Giving

You can view our quarterly reports we send to our donors.

You can become a donor on our Global Giving project page.

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