While children may be the primary focus, the community has expressed a need for assistance in solving critical problems that impact their quality of life. Working as partners with the community, Warm Heart has established the following on-going programs.


Microenterprise Community

community - microenterprise

We provide economic opportunities for those living in poverty, train men and women who currently have no marketable skills. Our programs are environmentally friendly.

Our goal? Empower the poor to help themselves. Learn More



Project Access, Community Program for the Elderly and Disabled

community - project access

Warm Heart’s public health program “Project Access” assists the most in need, the elderly, disabled, those without family, friends, or funds, those with overwhelming care needs who cannot care for themselves.

Project Access reaches out to poverty stricken disabled and elderly people living in our area. Our Home Visiting program make upward towards 1,200 home visits annually. Learn More


Strategic Partners, assisting with community programs

Our community comes to us with its Wish List of problems to be solved and we reach out to Strategic Partners whose expertise makes them the perfect solution providers. Learn More


Warm Heart Worldwide is a Non-Profit Organization

Warm Heart is a grassroots non-profit development organization and we are therefore committed to the free exchange of knowledge.

Our designs, videos, training materials, brochures and other publications are all available free under Creative Commons licensing rules.

We ask simply that you recognize our work when you use our materials, just as we provide full attribution to the authors of the works we share on our site.

Our programs are run by volunteers from around the world who come and donate their time and talents to help us reach our goals. Interested in joining the team? Visit our Volunteer information page to get the scoop. Our independent Volunteer Blog will give you great insight of what life is like here at Warm Heart. Interesting stories!

You can follow us on Facebook, see all of our videos on YouTube.

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