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At least once a week we meet with someone from the community proposing a project.

The projects range from small “Mrs. So-and-so needs a new roof” to huge “Phrao needs a freezer plant”, but we take each one seriously.

Here are the types of projects we hear about most often.

If you, your company, or your organization have expertise solving the types of problems that our communities confront, please contact us. There is so much to be done!

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Community Water Projects

Old system

Year around drinking water, irrigation water and water for domestic animals are problems in an ever increasing number of communities.

And as safe, public sources of water are exhausted, people turn to the little water remaining in fish ponds and other surface water, all of which is heavily contaminated with pesticides.

In 2014 65% of Phrao villages ran out of water before the rains started; with the onset of drought conditions, the situation promises to get much worse. Well, pipeline and water storage projects are critical.

We know every village and can spec every project, but without a competent partner, we lack the funds and the expertise to construct the projects.


Laying mud brick

The enforcement of forest preservation laws has made wood, the traditional Thai construction material, prohibitively expensive.

The poor have resorted to making roofs with dried teak leaves and walls with old cardboard boxes. Those who can afford to build concrete block houses that are airless and hot.

Warm Heart can teach people to make eco-friendly, inexpensive adobe brick houses. What we cannot do without a partner is to provide concrete for the foundations and roof tiles.

School Dorms

Dorms 4

We know that there are thousands of children in mountain villages who do not attend school because they have no safe place to live in the valley; we know that the schools are under enrolled because those students cannot attend.

The schools have the land for dorms and the budget for teachers, but not the budget to build the dorms.

But build the dorms and the kids will come.

Donate the dorms to the Ministry of Education and it will be legally responsible for upkeep and the provision of house mothers.

We know the villages and the kids; we know the school principals and superintendents; we need a strategic partner make necessity a reality.

How you can help us – share with your friends and family on Facebook!

Women’s Cooperatives

ME 1

Warm Heart works with a handful of Phrao’s dozens and dozens of women’s coops. Those we work with make money; those we do not work with languish. But there is only so much we can do.

If we had a partner or partners to “adopt” coops, provide the working capital they need to get started, sponsor a designer to help them develop a product for the global market, and assist with marketing their products, each adopted coop could flourish, too.

We know all the coops and we know how to manage coops; with a strategic partner, we would have the capital and bandwidth to lift a lot more of them onto the world stage.

Extension to Farmers

Coffee extension 2

Phrao people are farmers, but not necessarily good farmers.

Most do not know about new crops, new farming techniques and new technologies.

Some do – the university educated ones who came here when they graduated to get free land.

But most have no access to extension services.

With the right partner, Warm Heart can provide high quality, targeted extension services directly to the poorest farmers in Phrao – the great majority of Phrao farmers – and increase their yields and family incomes.

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