Our community education center serves the poor community in Phrao, Thailand.

We believe that education provides the only sure path out of poverty.

But in Phrao getting the education to make it in the modern world is hard. Schools lack computers, internet connections are bad, teachers don’t speak English and are pre-digital.

Through partnerships with local schools and Strategic Partners, we provide more education opportunities for the children and adults who seek a brighter future.

community education center

Community Support

Barb’s Place is just one example of how our strategic partners come together to help.

Building Futures Thailand is one of our Strategic Partners that has made a real difference. They not only built our community education center, they continue to support us with other needed projects to help us meet the needs of the kids and the community.

Donations of computers and books have helped us build a valuable learning center for our children and the community.

community education center

Barb’s Place Community Education Center

At our community education center “Barb’s Place” we provide a public access computer lab with internet, computer literacy and English courses, critical resources and educational opportunities for our children and members of the local community.

Barb’s Place Community Education Center has become the IT center of Phrao – a computer education hub, an incubator for young internet entrepreneurs and a launch pad for social enterprises that, for example, provide agricultural extension services to farmers or ecommerce platforms for local businesses.

community education center

Besides our regular volunteers that interact with the kids, we have special visitors that share with the children different occupations to help the children widen their horizons. On this day the kids were learning about computer programming.

We Teach Our Community How To Succeed in a Changing World

We are working with partners to set up basic computer programming classes for our kids and adults in the community. We are also working with partners setting up an extensive vocational training program.

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