Warm Heart Worldwide was invited to participate in a #GlobalClimateAction Event on December 6, 2019

We said YES!

We have gladly accepted, and extend an invitation to every Chiang Mai resident to join us on Dec. 6.

Mark your calendars, plan your climate action, and take part in a worldwide start to take action. Time to Do Something!

Every single action can make a difference.

Why December 6th?

The first week of December, world leaders will meet at COP25 to discuss the future of the planet. 

#6D Is Now is organizing a global participation event to show we can take action now.

On December 6 we will mobilize as one humanity in the largest chain of climate actions in history.

In this context, we want millions mobilized in concrete actions , to demand the leaders of the world to commit and guarantee a safe path so that the temperature increase does not exceed 1.5 degrees ; and to declare their countries in Climate Emergency .

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Healing Mother Nature With Biochar

“Do Something”

When Dec 6 is here, do something! Not sure WHAT to do? Join us in our efforts to Heal Mother Earth on Dec. 6 by feeding biochar back into our soils.

Buy a bag of biochar from our social enterprise Rak Din.


As part of our “Stop the Smoke” efforts Warm Heart has amassed a large stockpile of biochar bought from local farmers year round.

Make a donation to our “Healing Mother Earth” fundraiser and we will provide you with a bag of biochar to spread in your neighborhood, school, local forest, your garden. Feeding Mother Earth and sequestering carbon permanently.

As a Participant we just ask that you simply take a photo of your action, and share your image by uploading to us. We will add your image to our collection!

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Let’s share with the world the results of our “Do Something” Climate Action Dec. 6.

Join us!

All money raised will buy more biochar from farmers this upcoming smokey season. Help us put an end to smokey season by providing the farmers an incentive to stop burning!

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How biochar heals mother earth

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What you can do: