There are many factors that contribute to our global Climate Change, and each area needs to be addressed if we are going to succeed at mitigating global warming. To get a clear idea read our Climate Change Primer to understand what climate change is all about.

Our biochar solution addresses air pollution, mainly caused by smoke from open field agricultural burning of crop waste.

How Do We Convince Farmers to Stop Burning?

Current method of crop waste removal

Biochar method prevents release of harmful gases

Biochar Method

Harmful gases are burned off leaving pure carbon

Putting biochar into the soil creates a “carbon sink” ,

sequestering the carbon for centuries.

Soil comes alive and produces higher, healthier

crop yield

Farmer’s have a new source of sustainable income, and a carbon removal system is at work.

Agricultural burning of crop waste is a real health problem for local and global communities.

One small farm burning their crop waste may not seem like much.

When you consider that every year, farmers in the developing world burn more than 10 billion tonnes of crop waste in their fields, it suddenly becomes a huge problem!  

End Product

Pure carbon
Sequestered in the ground, enriching our soil, removing CO2

Resources for Farmers

We encourage farmers everywhere to learn more about making biochar. Read our Basic Biochar Training pdf, we provide it in English, French, and Swahili. We are looking for partners to translate into more languages so we can reach more farmers.

We also have videos on how to make a biochar oven, how to use it, and other helpful videos.

We are especially interested in working with you in setting up training programs in your area. Whether you are a climate activist living in an area of open field crop waste burning, or a farmer who wants more information, send us a message on our contact page.

We Offer the Best Way to Eliminate Your Personal Footprint!

For those living a western lifestyle your average footprint based on your lifestyle choices is most likely huge compared to the smallholder farmers lifestyle footprint. But the farmers footprints from burning crop waste is extraordinarily high!

Biochar Life provides a way for smallholder farmers to participate by providing them financial compensation for carbon sequestration. Your support provides the incentive to stop the smoke and turn it into biochar, and create c-sinks to remove and sequester carbon.

Your participation will also help offset any remaining footprint you may be leaving. Your subscription to support the training of farmer’s to participate in biochar activities. Helps bring down the farmer’s footprint as well.

1 STS token* = $200 USD
*The financial value of an STS token encompasses the environmental impact of durable and long-term CO2 removal, CO2e emission aversion and social impact of the once excluded smallholder farmers.

Visit Biochar Life right now to learn more. We encourage individuals, families, businesses, and corporations to help reduce agricultural smoke that is contributing to global warming.

Finally a sustainable way to reduce smoke. Solving an environmental problem with a profitable solution that promotes local community development, while answering the urgent need to remove carbon.

How you can participate

You can commit to help fund biochar training to farmers all around the globe. We have started in Thailand, and expanded to Africa. A monthly donation of $15, $20, or $25 will help replicate our program in communities around the world, where the smoke is originating from. Sign Up here.

For large carbon removal you can purchase tokens at a 1/4 of a Token for $50, 1/2 a Token for $100, 3/4 Token for $75, or a full Token for $200. Depends on your needs, ability, and commitment to a climate action that has real measurable impact. Learn how here.


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