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Sponsoring is a very personal way to make a direct impact on a child’s future. Your support does not just feed the child, your support is life-changing.

Our kids come from many different situations, the one thing they have in common is without help they are facing a life of poverty.

Through the gift of education the world is opened up for them. They learn they can choose their own dream and go after it. They know it takes hard work, but they are motivated and put in the work.

When you sponsor one of our children you are encouraged to choose what level of participation you want. We welcome visits to our home to meet your child if you are in Thailand visiting, we will facilitate email communications if desired, or you can remain a silent sponsor, it is up to you.

Since we are inviting you into our family circle with the children, we do need to know a little bit about you. Please complete the application to become a sponsor, and when it is approved you will be sent details about your child, and you can accept a sponsorship role at that time.

We are looking for people with generous hearts that want to experience the heart warming feeling knowing you are making a real difference in a child’s life.

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    Sponsorship is a commitment of $125.00 a month for the support of your chosen child.

    Why Sponsor a Child? Every Child Has A Story

    Sponsor Frequently Asked Questions

    We will welcome you with open arms to join our family of sponsors!

    One time donations are always appreciated too!

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