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Chiang Mai Breathe Council Support

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Warm Heart strongly supports the Chiang Mai Breathe Council efforts to reduce the haze that plagues Chiang Mai every burning season.

We are excited by the Council’s plan to “Start the operation of the smoke stove or bio-burner stove in collaboration with Maejo University. Operate in communities in Mae Taeng District, Hang Dong, Mae Rim, Mae Taeng and Mueang districts,” and particularly by their expressed commitment to biochar as the most effective solution to haze from crop waste burning.

We agree wholeheartedly with the Breathe Council that biochar is the best available solution and are excited to have new partners working on spreading education about biochar as rapidly as possible across Thailand. 

For five years, Warm Heart has tested biochar technology for poor farmers in A.Phrao and A.Mae Chaem. Thai farmers have been quick to adopt biochar production, the use of biochar-based fertilizers and the manufacture of smokeless biochar briquettes.

In addition to Warm Heart’s Stop the Smoke efforts in Chiang Mai Province, we also operate a rapidly growing program in Africa. African farmers tremendous response the impact of climate change that confronts Thai farmers, too. Drought, unpredictable weather, increased pests and heat that reduce yields, and depleted soils, In Africa, biochar is a life changer. Better soils mean improved crops, which translates into more money. The Breathe Council’s support for biochar ensures Thai farmers the same benefits.

Entrepreneurs are also emerging in Africa, capitalizing on the many uses of biochar and creating new products, new jobs and income. In addition to clearing the air, the Breathe Council will also promote business and job development in Chiang Mai.

Warm Heart will continue our Stop the Smoke biochar training and production programs in Chiang Mai. In A. Mae Chaem where Warm Heart is already collaborating with the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Energy and the Office of Land Development, Warm Heart will continue to build biochar-based social enterprise opportunities for local communities.

Making biochar is the solution to address local haze problems. For the solution to succeed, however, a market for biochar products must be created. Everyone can participate in that by buying local biochar products.

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    Warm Heart, Chiang Mai Breathe Council, and local Hoteliers come together to kick-start a solution to stop the smoke.

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