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Changing our Plastic Ways

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It is wonderful how people have responded to awareness of how bad plastic is for our environment.

One of the biggest achievements has been the reduction in the use of plastic bags, and other one-time use plastic products that are being replaced with natural materials better for the environment. This is especially true when it comes to food.

But what other areas can we focus on to reduce our own plastic use and contribute to the reduction of plastic waste?

This recent article “The Ultimate Guide On How To Go Plastic Free In The Bathroom” on the Friendly Turtle blog goes into detail of how we can make a big difference by simply changing our habits.

For me personally, I found at least 4 ways a change of habit can make a big difference. Check out the article and see where you can adapt to a “plastic free” bathroom lifestyle!

But don’t just throw away the plastics you currently have. We encourage you to repurpose your plastics, check out some of the ideas we have collected here for creative ways to repurpose plastic!

While it may not seem to be a big contribution to the battle to reduce plastics, every bit helps. You are just one of millions using the bathroom plastics, and when we all participate that is a huge impact!

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