Archive Environmental News February 2022

How can we improve this world we all share? Our world needs to change. How we live. How we treat one another. How we balance human needs with the environment and all the life we share our earth with. Unfortunately, … Read More

Archive Environmental Progress News January 2022

New Year Resolutions Many see the beginning of the New Year as a time to make a commitment to improving their lives through New Year’s Resolutions. Quit smoking, lose weight, get more exercise, read more, reduce my carbon footprint, the … Read More

News Archive April 2019

Earth Day + Protect Our Species = Stop The Smoke What do all of these species have in common? (Hint: It is related to Climate Change) Answer: They are all facing extinction! (Click on any image to read about their … Read More

News Archive February 2019

Current Environmental news that matters “Biochar can be used to address some of the most urgent environmental problems of our time – soil degradation, food insecurity, water pollution from agrochemicals, and climate change“Dr. Johannes Lehmann, Cornell University Our January issue … Read More

News Archive January 2019 Environmental Progress News

Current Environmental news that matters The new year brings forth the promise of new success in our efforts to educate enough people about Biochar to have an impact. This month’s issue is focused on one such success from 2018. Help … Read More

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