Biochar Trench

The cheapest, easiest way for small farmers across the developing world to make biochar from crop waste and why it is important that they do Small farmers in the developing world burn 21 gigatons of crop waste annually. Burning just … Read More

Press Release

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Release date:  7 March 2022 Breaking news:  Biochar Life’s new accreditation sets the groundwork for pioneering collaboration with smallholder farmers in the battle against climate change. Biochar Life, PBC, (“Biochar Life”) an impact venture of Warm Heart Worldwide (“Warm Heart”) … Read More

Sustainable Earth

Global crop waste burning – micro-biochar; how a small community development organization learned experientially to address a huge problem one tiny field at a time “The world’s 2.5 billion poorest people – small farmers living at the far fringe of … Read More

Forest Recovery

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 “Inherit, retain, and continue to create sustainable highhill land” On July 22, 2020 the Shangri-la/Warm Heart biochar project donated 10 tons of biochar to the Recover Forest Project in Mae Wak. In attendance at this climate action activity was the … Read More

Becoming a Conscious Consumer

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Reduce, reuse, recycle. Hopefully, this is a sentiment you’ve heard many times. Unless you grew up in a household where these were already the guiding principles your family lived by, it’s far more likely you have to make a concerted … Read More

Biochar for Sustainable Soils

“Maintaining soil fertility is fundamental for improving food security and reducing poverty.” United Nations Environment United Nations Environment recently completed a 3 year study on the impact of biochar on soil sustainability. The motivating factor behind the study was to … Read More

Excerpt from Global Ground Media

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THAILAND: SOLUTIONS BUILT FOR SCALE Other rural communities throughout Asia have come together in support of solutions for local air pollution for a reason that needs no explanation — financial gain. In the mountains of Chiang Mai, a non-profit called … Read More

Biochar Sweeps East Africa

One small farmer at a time  Sr. Miriam Paulette’s Mission  Sr. Miriam Paulette represents the Warm Heart Biochar Project in East, Central and Southern Africa. You will also find us in Paga, Bolgatanga, Northeast Region, Ghana, where we are Rural Renaissance-Warm Heart and represented by Abeidi Bawa.  Introduction  When … Read More

Why Should You Care?

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by Carol Culver De Leo I mean really, why should you care about a small town in Thailand that has repeatedly earned the dubious honor of being the most polluted city in the world for 4 consecutive days? Chiang Mai … Read More

Stop the Smoke 2019

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From hazy to clean, from black to green: no longer a dream! Stop the smoke forever! Eliminate the cornfields that burn every year. Plant green forest, bamboo and coffee in their place. Be the solution! Help us raise $13,000 (390,000 … Read More

Cool the Climate

Cool the Climate by Dr. D. Michael Shafer is a series of 5 articles proposing an actionable plan to reverse global warming. Cool the Climate, Clean the Environment, Improve Public Health, Reduce Rural Poverty with Small-Scale Biochar – Part 1 … Read More

Organic Fertilizer

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Organic fertilizer is the best soil amendment you can add to your garden. Do you want to grow healthy, nutritious vegetables in your garden? Of course you do! Organic fertilizer is easy to make It does not take much to … Read More

Repurposing Styrofoam

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Styrofoam R&D Repurposing styrofoam into a useful product has become a serious pursuit at Warm Heart. Biochar is not the only area of research and development at Warm Heart. Styrofoam is actually one of the worst contributors to ecosystem destruction. … Read More

Smoke Gets in My Eyes

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This is a chulah, the basic cooking stove in rural India. It is fueled with dung, fuelwood, and trash. It is estimated that over 100 million households use these stoves to prepare their meals 2 – 3 times a day, … Read More

Air Pollution

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Pollution in Asia, Are You in Jeopardy? If you live on planet earth, the answer is a resounding “Yes”! Pollution is spread through air currents. Air pollution is not confined to any one region, which means we need to work … Read More

Beyond Going Green

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Doing Green – How’s it cooking? This update to our story Hospitality Embraces Biochar about how a local 5 Star resort, 137 Pillars House in Chiang Mai, is setting the trend for moving beyond “Going Green”, they have embraced “Doing Green” with a … Read More

Successful Biochar Program

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Doing Green: Setting Up A Successful Backyard Biochar Program The first thing you may ask yourself is how dies a biochar oven work? Biochar ovens are based on heating of any organic material (biomass) in the absence of oxygen. Because … Read More

Hospitality Embraces Biochar

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Pursuing A Breath Of Fresh Air 137 Pillars House, a local 5 Star luxury hotel has shown a real commitment to corporate responsibility by recently setting up an onsite environmental program to do their part to reduce the haze and … Read More

Chiang Mai’s Smoky Season

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RazorTV   For a few months every year, the tourist magnet of Chiang Mai turns to a living hell, as smoke from open fires during the dry season settles into the valley and creates a uniform, ash-coloured horizon.     … Read More

Breath Of Fresh Air Grant

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  Funding for Biochar Project On October 1, Consul General Michael Heath announced a State Department grant award of $69,974 (2,099,220 THB) to Warm Heart Worldwide, Inc., to support efforts to assist farmers in reducing seasonal airborne particulate pollution in … Read More

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