Free Download Climate Change Primer

Climate Change Primer Free download, prepared by Dr. D. Michael Shafer In response to the many questions we were receiving about Climate Change and Global Warming, Michael put together a clear and concise explanation about climate change. He provides the … Read More

Experimental Farm Sustainable Agriculture

The Warm Heart Experimental Farm The Experimental Farm has three purposes: Provide Warm Heart a location to conduct scientific experiments to test the performance of new fertilizers and agricultural techniques; Permit Warm Heart to undertake joint scientific research with universities … Read More

Demonstration Farm

Demonstration Farm: Improving the Lives of Farmers and the Environment Demonstration Farm is a collaboration with the villages of T.Maepang and Warm Heart Foundation, and with the support of the Tessabon, experts from the Ampure, ECHO Asia, Chiang Mai University … Read More

Biochar Training Videos ไทย (Thai)

การสอนเกี่ยวกับชีวเคมีและการทำฟาร์ม – Thai โครงการถ่านไบโอชาร์ ของมูลนิธิอุ่นใจ เสนอทางเลือกวิธีการแก้ไขปัญหาหมอกควันอย่­างยั่งยืน โดยการมอบแหล่งข้อมูลความรู้ที่สำคัญให้แก   วิดิโอสาธิตการสร้างเตาไบโอชา วิธีการทำ EM   วิธีการทำปุ๋ย   วิธีการทำปุ๋ยหมัก      

Biochar Training

Biochar Training Provides Needed Change Biochar training for smallholder farmers has become Warm Heart Environment’s number one goal. Over the past 50 years the population in Thailand has increased 146%, from 27.4 million to 67.2 million. 40% of the population … Read More

Biochar Training Videos

How to Make a Biochar Machine – TLUD In “How to Make a Biochar Machine”  we show you how to make a basic Top Lit Up Draft biochar machine. Warm Heart have been teaching hundreds of farmers in the Northern Thailand … Read More

Climate Change Primer

In response to the many questions we receive about Climate Change and Global Warming, Michael put together a clear and concise explanation about climate change. He provides the facts, the information you need to know to understand what global warming … Read More

Styrofoam Recycling – Smart Business Idea

Styrofoam recycling as a business? Warm Heart has developed a simple, replicable system to convert styrofoam into a useful product. Styrofoam recycling provides an opportunity for both men and women to build a sustainable business while helping clean up our … Read More


Our Work on Environmental Issues Climate Change Primer What you need to know. A clear and concise explanation about Climate Change. Stop The Smoke Social Enterprise We work with smallholder farmers around the world building Social Enterprises to stop the … Read More

Biochar Research

Warm Heart Biochar Research and Development The Warm Heart Biochar Research project develops new, inexpensive biochar technology and fertilizers for poor farmers. Warm Heart tests not only under clean, scientific conditions, but in the real world of farmers’ fields – … Read More

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