World Children’s Day

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When we started Warm Heart in 2008, we were unsure about a lot of things, but one thing we knew with certainty was that children deserve all the love, kindness, and opportunities that this world has to offer. That belief … Continued

Our Dream of a New School Bus

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We would love to buy a brand-new school bus to tote our 45 kids back and forth to school!  But our plans are more realistic. December 1st is Giving Tuesday. We are launching our School Bus fundraising campaign on this … Continued

Join a Team!

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We have 5 new children at Warm Heart that need Sponsors! A Sponsor is someone who makes a commitment to a child to help cover costs for an opportunity to get an education. Education for these kids is a life-changer. … Continued

Chiang Mai City Life Magazine

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We were absolutely delighted when City Life Magazine published an article about our Peace Now art contest! We feel the benefits of this activity for the children are multilevel. Fun exposure to Art Creative outlet Encouragement to explore and improve … Continued

Understanding the Corona Virus (COVID19)

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The Virus It’s all we can talk about this “Covid 19” – and no wonder. What started just a short while ago in China has swept across the world. Countries are closing their doors. From Asia to Wall St., markets … Continued

Higher Education Fund Annual Appeal

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Investing in their futures The good news is that our children are striving and achieving! The bad news is our need for Higher Education funds is growing! But that is bad news we can live with as long as we … Continued

Teaching English in Thailand

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to teach English as a Second Language in a foreign country? We interviewed one of our returning volunteers about what his experience has been like teaching here in Thailand. What is … Continued

Foam cement: It’s not only about bricks

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True, Styrofoam bricks are wonderful, but you shouldn’t get hung up on bricks. The real magic is in the foam cement itself. There are many things you can do with the stuff. Let’s start by reviewing the winning virtues of … Continued

You can help us win!

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Warm Heart has a wonderful problem, but a problem nonetheless. Our girls are too successful! Instead of dropping out after 6th grade and getting pregnant at 16, our girls are all going on to college. The cost is killing us! Middle school costs an … Continued

2018 Giving Season Update

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You are simply amazing! Thank you! On November 27th,  GivingTuesday, we launched our Giving Season campaign through GlobalGiving. We had 3 goals, and we reached all 3 in the first 24 hours! Goal 1 – Raise $7,500 so we could finally … Continued

Young Smart Farmer 2018 Visit

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Young Smart Farmer is a program to help set a role model for a new generation of farmers who want to upgrade Thai agriculture. Recently the Thai government has made it a big priority to provide local organic foods to … Continued

Smile! Show me your pearly whites!

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Smile! What is a smile worth?   There is no Tooth Fairy in rural Northern Thailand to make sure that kids grow up with healthy teeth. Where Warm Heart works, the only dental care available is extraction. Children get cavities. … Continued

Jewelry Donation

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The collection also included many beautiful loose beads. We will use the proceeds from the sales of the jewelry to support our microenterprise programs and the loose beads will be incorporated into new designs.  We love the jewelry and hope … Continued

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