Sustainable Earth

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Global crop waste burning – micro-biochar; how a small community development organization learned experientially to address a huge problem one tiny field at a time “The world’s 2.5 billion poorest people – small farmers living at the far fringe of … Read More

Quarterly Report – Malawi Project

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Biochar Training at Mikuyu Prison Farm, Zomba, Malawi October 4, 2021 Our team in Malawi has been working on putting together a biochar training program for the Mikuyu Prison Farm in Zomba, Malawi for a few years.  The prison grows … Read More

Quarterly Report – Stop the Smoke!

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September 20, 2021 A giant step in solving the smoke problem Our goal has always been to stop the smoke that comes from the agricultural burning of crop waste. Here in Thailand, we have worked with farmers teaching them how … Read More

Snapshot of Matching Funds Week

Global Giving’s Annual Little by Little Campaign September 13 – 17, 2021 Global Giving matches your donation up to $50 with a 50% match. Matching Funds Week Was a Success! September 18, 2021 Matching Funds Week is over, and you … Read More

Before the Rains Come

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Agroforestry Project Update It’s time to start adding biochar in the soil. We put biochar around the newly planted trees to keep water, moisture, and nutrients for trees. Learn more about our Agroforestry Project.

Changing our Plastic Ways

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It is wonderful how people have responded to awareness of how bad plastic is for our environment. One of the biggest achievements has been the reduction in the use of plastic bags, and other one-time use plastic products that are … Read More

Incentives Always Work

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Small farmers around the globe produce a significant amount of gases that add to the problem of global warming. It is an important problem in the complexity of factors that feed climate change. The good news is this problem has … Read More

Join a Team!

We have 5 new children at Warm Heart that need Sponsors! A Sponsor is someone who makes a commitment to a child to help cover costs for an opportunity to get an education. Education for these kids is a life-changer. … Read More

Understanding the Corona Virus (COVID19)

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The Virus It’s all we can talk about this “Covid 19” – and no wonder. What started just a short while ago in China has swept across the world. Countries are closing their doors. From Asia to Wall St., markets … Read More

Annual End of Year Report

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Dear Friends, As we reach the end of 2019, Warm Heart wants to thank you for your overwhelming support and to report to you about what your dollars have accomplished. You have changed the world. Honest. All four of the … Read More

Teaching English in Thailand

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to teach English as a Second Language in a foreign country? We interviewed one of our returning volunteers about what his experience has been like teaching here in Thailand. What is … Read More

Foam cement: It’s not only about bricks

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True, Styrofoam bricks are wonderful, but you shouldn’t get hung up on bricks. The real magic is in the foam cement itself. There are many things you can do with the stuff. Let’s start by reviewing the winning virtues of … Read More

You can help us win!

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Warm Heart has a wonderful problem, but a problem nonetheless. Our girls are too successful! Instead of dropping out after 6th grade and getting pregnant at 16, our girls are all going on to college. The cost is killing us! Middle school costs an … Read More

2018 Giving Season Update

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You are simply amazing! Thank you! On November 27th,  GivingTuesday, we launched our Giving Season campaign through GlobalGiving. We had 3 goals, and we reached all 3 in the first 24 hours! Goal 1 – Raise $7,500 so we could finally … Read More

Jewelry Donation

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The collection also included many beautiful loose beads. We will use the proceeds from the sales of the jewelry to support our microenterprise programs and the loose beads will be incorporated into new designs.  We love the jewelry and hope … Read More

Warm Heart Celebrates 10th Anniversary

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10th Anniversary Warm Heart celebrated our 10th Anniversary on July 4th, 2018 with a big party!  We would like to thank Franck Legale for hosting our event at The Edge.   We had great live music from local bands throughout … Read More

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