Styrofoam Recycling

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Smart Business Idea Styrofoam recycling as a business? Warm Heart has developed a simple, replicable system to convert styrofoam into a useful product, providing an opportunity for both men and women to build a sustainable business while helping clean up … Continued

Project Access

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Public Health Help for Seniors and Disabled The Warm Heart Wellness “Home Visit” Kangao is just one of many that our visiting teams led by Noina, a professional nurse’s assistant, visit on a regular basis, bringing smiles and laughter, brooms, … Continued


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While children may be the primary focus, the community has expressed a need for assistance in solving critical problems that impact their quality of life. Working as partners with the community, Warm Heart has established the following on-going programs.   … Continued

Strategic Partners

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We Combine Grassroots Experience with Global Resources Our community comes to us with its problems and we reach out to strategic partners whose expertise makes them the perfect solution providers. Our strength lies in the relationships we’ve developed in Thailand … Continued


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Sustainable Microenterprise The Warm Heart Sustainable Microenterprise Program provides economic opportunities for those living in poverty. We create jobs for local women’s artisan co-ops and train men and women who currently have no marketable skills. Our goal? Empower the poor … Continued

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