Children’s Homes

Our Childrens Homes Provide Unconditional Love Children’s Homes was established by Warm Heart in 2008 to provide a loving home environment for children from isolated mountain villages and broken families who had no place else to go. Our kids come … Read More

Quarterly Report – Young Smart Farmers

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May 23, 2021 Not a Typical Year Thailand typically has 3 seasons: Winter (Nov – Feb), Summer (Mar – June), and Monsoon Rainy Season (July – Oct).  Our summer has been very hot this year.  Local weather conditions influenced by … Read More

Quarterly Report – Children’s Homes

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April 7, 2021 Our children are looking forward to the year-end “summer” break”. It’s hot and the skies are dark with smoke from crop burning and forest fires.  The children were all wearing masks because of the smoke before COVID made them … Read More

Quarterly Report – Core Competency, Job Skills

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March 6, 2021 Steady Progress With your gifts to date and monthly commitments, we have over 70% of the first-year’s budget in place. We are moving forward. The equipment has been selected and our first teacher identified,  The English curriculum is being tested with a … Read More

Our School Bus Has Arrived!

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We can not even begin to describe our deepest gratitude for your support with the purchase of our school bus! All we can say is Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! We can now transport all of of children safely … Read More

World Children’s Day

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When we started Warm Heart in 2008, we were unsure about a lot of things, but one thing we knew with certainty was that children deserve all the love, kindness, and opportunities that this world has to offer. That belief … Read More

Our Dream of a New School Bus

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We would love to buy a brand-new school bus to tote our 45 kids back and forth to school!  But our plans are more realistic. December 1st is Giving Tuesday. We are launching our School Bus fundraising campaign on this … Read More

Chiang Mai City Life Magazine

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We were absolutely delighted when City Life Magazine published an article about our Peace Now art contest! We feel the benefits of this activity for the children are multilevel. Fun exposure to Art Creative outlet Encouragement to explore and improve … Read More

Young Smart Farmer 2018 Visit

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Young Smart Farmer is a program to help set a role model for a new generation of farmers who want to upgrade Thai agriculture. Recently the Thai government has made it a big priority to provide local organic foods to … Read More

Smile! Show me your pearly whites!

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Smile! What is a smile worth?   There is no Tooth Fairy in rural Northern Thailand to make sure that kids grow up with healthy teeth. Where Warm Heart works, the only dental care available is extraction. Children get cavities. … Read More

Community Education Center at Barb’s Place

    Our community education center serves the poor community in Phrao, Thailand. Community Support Barb’s Place is just one example of how our strategic partners come together to help. Building Futures Thailand is one of our Strategic Partners that … Read More

Art Contests

Results are in! Our “Peace Now” Contest is Over We want to extend a big thank you to all who participated and voted! With over 600 votes the winners have been determined! 14 and over 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd … Read More

School’s Open!

School’s open and it is time to do your back to school shopping. What happens when you have 45 kids to shop for? And you thought you had it bad! We have 45 children that we have to get ready … Read More

Sponsor a Child

Break the chains of poverty Sponsor a child When you sponsor a child, you are helping severely disadvantaged children transform their future. Some Warm Heart kids come to us simply because they are from isolated mountain villages with no school. … Read More

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