Climate Action: Clean Up Our Act

There are many factors that contribute to our global Climate Change, and each area needs to be addressed if we are going to succeed at mitigating global warming. To get a clear idea read our Climate Change Primer to understand … Read More

Stop the Smoke Campaign Kick-off 2021

A Brief History October 1, 2015 was the beginning of the Stop the Smoke Campaign. Funded through a US State Department “Breath of Fresh Air” grant Warm Heart initiated the first biochar trainings to local farmers. In an effort to … Read More

Biochar Mae Chaem

Demonstrating Farmer Interest in the Distributed Production of Biochar: Warm Heart Foundation in Mae Chaem Dr. D. Michael Shafer Warm Heart Foundation, A.Phrao Chiang Mai, Thailand Research and behavior change efforts have largely passed over the role of developing world … Read More

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