What is biochar?

What is biochar? Biochar is a super charcoal made by heating any biomass – for example, corncob, husk or stalk, potato or soy hay, rice or wheat straw – without oxygen. All of the cellulose, lignin and other, non-carbon materials … Read More

Biochar Trench

The cheapest, easiest way for small farmers across the developing world to make biochar from crop waste and why it is important that they do Small farmers in the developing world burn 21 gigatons of crop waste annually. Burning just … Read More

Alternative to Open Field Burning

We are training smallholder farmers an alternative way to dispose of their crop waste. A method that is more profitable for them, and important for our climate because it reduces and brings down CO2 levels. Most effective climate action we … Read More

Every Problem Has a Solution

Smoke from crop waste burning is definitely a problem. This method is used all around the world by small farm holders who are trying to eke out a living through farming. The solution for this problem is very simple. Once … Read More

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