When we think “Kenya,” we all think cheetahs and lions, but West Kenya, Luo country out past Nakuru, is flat agricultural land dotted with small farms that surround cities like Kisii and Kisumu and peter out in the wetlands of … Read More

Democratic Republic of Congo

Our Congo Partner One of the best things about biochar is that it inspires great people to action. This, of course, is what happened in Malawi to begin the rapid growth of biochar in East Africa under the guiding hand … Read More

Performance of Biochar in Africa

Ghana In this very short video you can see the amazing difference of crop produced with and without the use of biochar. Kenya Pumpkin Crop – With and Without Biochar (Kenya) The amazing results of biochar! Biochar is the best … Read More

Biochar Paga

Small-scale biochar to improve subsistence farming in North Ghana Author: Michael Shafer, Director, Warm Heart Foundation, Phrao, Chiang Mai, Thailand Date: January 10, 2019 The project In December 2018, Warm Heart Foundation trained thirty subsistence farmers in a village outside … Read More

Biochar Sweeps East Africa

One small farmer at a time  Sr. Miriam Paulette’s Mission  Sr. Miriam Paulette represents the Warm Heart Biochar Project in East, Central and Southern Africa. You will also find us in Paga, Bolgatanga, Northeast Region, Ghana, where we are Rural Renaissance-Warm Heart and represented by Abeidi Bawa.  Introduction  When … Read More

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