Our concern over the environment has developed into a range of sustainable farming practices training. Biochar improves the soil and crop yields while eliminating smoke from open field burning by smallholder farmers.

We initiated a program for smallholder farmers to provide free training on how to make and use biochar from their crop waste.

This program has been funded through various grants and from individual donations.

The biochar training project has spread across Thailand and Africa where over 10,000+ farmers are now producing biochar, increasing their income, and helping our environment.

In addition to our in field training, we offer DIY videos for anyone interested in making and using biochar. We have posted other training materials as well on our Biochar Training page.

Our Biochar Information page offer research and information about what biochar is and how it can help reduce global warming.

Success Stories

Read about one Family whose lives have been changed by working with biochar.

You will find many success stories in our Biochar Africa section!

With help from people like you who are concerned about our environment, we are making a difference. In lives. In the environment. And our children’s future.

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