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Warm Heart Environmental Program

Our Environmental Program addresses Climate Change, the crisis of our times, where it starts – locally – but our solutions are global.

Biochar offers a solution to help put an end to climate change and reverse the damage that has been done.

Our experimental, technology and training programs offer solutions that can be applied everywhere.

Why Biochar?

Biochar ovens are based on heating of any organic material (biomass) in the absence of oxygen.

Because no oxygen is present the material does not combust but the chemical compounds (i.e. cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin) that make up that material thermally decompose into combustible gases, leaving behind nothing but pure carbon. This carbon equals 40% of the carbon once embodied in the original biomass, making biochar production actually carbon negative.

In the heat of biochar ovens, potential greenhouse gases are burned up, as are the particulates that we see as smoke. Eliminating the smoke helps clean the air and reduce the potential of a range of lung and cardio-vascular diseases. Learn more about Biochar.


Research and Development

The Warm Heart team has been developing practical biochar ovens that are effective and inexpensive to build. Our latest design is our Warm Heart FC Trough


We also offer free plans for a variety of oven styles with our Biochar Oven Specs.

Biochar Training Programs

Training for farmers – We have onsite training, we can arrange local training, and we have a full array of Videos and Resources available. Our training programs are focused on encouraging the replacement of open field crop burning with a biochar system that is good for the environment and provides many benefits to farmers everywhere.

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Farmers and Villagers First Training Seminar
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Local Demonstration Farm

Demonstration Farm 5
Our Demonstration Farm provides local farmers hands-on training with new, organic ways of farming, new farming techniques and new crops, and to learn useful subjects such as farm and family budgeting. The farm will permit us to try many ideas and pick just the ones that work in A.Phrao and on our farms.

Experimental Farm

Experimental Farm

The Experimental Farm has three purposes:

  • Provide Warm Heart a location to conduct scientific experiments to test the performance of new fertilizers and agricultural techniques;
  • Permit Warm Heart to undertake joint scientific research with universities and other organizations in Thailand and around the world;
  • Serve as a demonstration site where local farmers can observe the performance of different fertilizers, treatments and techniques under controlled conditions.

Environmental Action

Overcoming climate change is a huge challenge, but when we work together we can achieve our goal.


How can you get involved?

Biochar can have a huge impact on reversing global warming. To maximize the benefits of widespread use of biochar we have initiated our “Doing Green” campaign. Besides farmers, many other groups can benefit from biochar.

Our Research and Development team continues to design new systems that can be used anywhere there is biomass waste.

We are a grassroots organization, which means the changes come from the bottom up.

You can get involved by helping to spread the word about the benefits of switching to biochar as a disposal system. Read our article “How Your Town Can Save the Earth“, and together we may be able to convince one town after another to using biochar as a part of the solution to global warming and climate change.

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Stop the Smoke 2018

Help Make a Difference

Want to have an impact on reversing global warming? Success of our “Stop the Smoke” campaign can make a real difference. Do something, get involved, help spread the information, make a donation.

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What is global warming and climate change?
Climate change refers to significant, long-term changes in the global climate.

The global climate is the connected system of sun, earth and oceans, wind, rain and snow, forests, deserts and savannas, and everything people do, too.

For a quick look at the history, causes, and projections of the effects read our Climate Change Primer

Basic Farming

Companion Planting Ideas
Companion Planting Ideas – Thai
Crop Rotation Families
Crop Rotation Families – Thai
Making EM Solution
Making EM Solution – Thai
Simple Suggestions for More Profitable Farming
Marketing Organic Fruits and Vegetables
Practical Agriculture Guide
Making Bokashi Starter
Using EM Solution
Using EM Solution – Thai

General Reference

Research material from various sources, choose a category or visit our all resources page.

Agriculture and Climate Change
Basic Farming
Biochar and Carbon Sequestration
Biochar and Climate Change
Biochar and Farm Animals
Biochar and Particulates
Biochar and Plant Resistance to Disease
Biochar and Soil Decontamination – Agrochemicals, heavy metals, industrial pollution
Biochar and Soil Fertility
Biochar Basics
Biochar Use
Black Carbon archive
Properties of Biochar

Warm Heart in Action

“People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it” ~ George Bernard Shaw

What happens when you fire up 250 biochar ovens?

You get tons and tons of biochar! See how we are Converting Smoke to Biochar in Mae Chaem!

Reaching out to the new generation

One of our recent projects was a Biochar Presentation at Hod High School in Chiang Mai. Our short video (2:12 min) provides an overview, take a look! Hod High School Biochar Training

New Biochar Co-Generation System Design

The Warm Heart Environmental Program’s team has begun partnering with two corn shucking businesses in Chiang Dao to help find ways biochar can increase their profits. Were we successful? Read the story to find out!

Beyond going green, doing green!

Think setting up your own Backyard Biochar System is hard and expensive? Think again! Check out our Tips on Getting Started, you will be amazed!

Biochar Training for Women

Women and children are more susceptible to respiratory issues. To address this issue we held a 2 day training session for 45 women on biochar, our effort towards Reducing Health Hazards for Women and Children

Hospitality Embraces Biochar

A local Resort takes their Corporate Responsibility quite seriously, and are doing their part to help reduce smoke and pollution in our community. See how they are doing it – Pursuing a Breath of Fresh Air.

Warm Heart Worldwide

Non-Profit Organization

Warm Heart is a grassroots non-profit development organization and we are therefore committed to the free exchange of knowledge. Our designs, videos, training materials, brochures and other publications are all available free under Creative Commons licensing rules.

We ask simply that you recognize our work when you use our materials, just as we provide full attribution to the authors of the works we share on our site.

You can follow us on Facebook, see all of our videos on YouTube.

Environmental Progress News

Check out our Monthly Newsletter for current information, surveys, and inspiration on how we can put an end to Global warming. Our Daily Updates Archive will give you a quick glance at recent headlines and articles.

Why Worry About Global Warming?
A at field day

We have a vested interest in the future. Our kids. And their kids. We maintain three Children’s Homes, offering a loving environment for more than 40 kids from isolated mountain villages and broken families. We offer family-style housing, clothing, balanced, nutritious meals, school uniforms and supplies, medical care – and most important, lots of hugs and unconditional love. We want to contribute to a cleaner, healthier and better future for our children and yours. Learn more about our Children’s Homes Project