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Biochar Project Reaches Captive Audience

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We are so excited and wanted to share this news with you!

Warm Heart Malawi Biochar Project reaches captive audience to reduce countrywide malnutrition!

Zumba, where the hunger relief project is located is also home to the Zomba Central Prison, one of Malawi’s biggest. Like all of Malawi’s prisons, Zomba Central feeds itself from large, prison gardens.

The gardeners are soon to be released prisoners whose work is overseen by corrections officers.In a remarkable turn of events, the Commissioner of Corrections has asked our team to gather corrections officers from every prison in the country at Zomba Central and train them to make biochar.

They will then teach the prisoner-gardeners who, when released, will take the knowledge to their villages in the furthest corners of the country.This is how we can make an impact on the environment while helping alleviate hunger. 

Biochar in Africa

If ever you wanted to make a contribution to a project that has a big impact, this is the one for you. Already over 1,000 farmers have been trained and are now making biochar and improving their harvests.

With this new source for biochar training, we will be able to reach a wide hungry audience quickly and efficiently!

Thank you for your support!

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    Great, simple and accessible for even the poorest sector of the community, requiring low cost but at high feasibility. Thanks for showing us for the common good for better our environment.

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