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Biochar Presentation Leads To Action

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Giant Steps Forward for Warm Heart’s Biochar Project



Warm Heart was given the opportunity to present the biochar project as a complimentary solution to the “Action Plan 2016,” aimed to prevent and resolve smog in Northern Thailand.

The Deputy Governor of Chiang Mai as well as representatives from the forestry department, district offices, ministries of agriculture and energy, Long Khot Police, the British and Austrian Honorary Consuls, and Charoen Pokphand (CP) were shown that biochar is an inexpensive and effective technology that can safely and easily be used by villagers, farmers, and small local government units.

Most importantly, biochar was offered as an effective solution in eliminating smoke and creating a useful agricultural product. Offering biochar as a solution moves away from the previous strategy of telling people not to burn and towards offering people an alternative that can create valuable products for their crops.

Warm Heart is happy to announce that as a result of the presentation, Warm Heart is scheduled to provide biochar training to 4 districts including Phrao, Samoeng, Chiang Dao, and Mae Chaem. The trainings will be held on January 25 and 27 for almost 200 representatives from agriculture and health departments. The representatives are then expected to train people in their respective districts.

Utilizing the “Breath of Fresh Air” Grant awarded by the US State Department in October, Warm Heart’s Environmental Program has developed technology to effectively produce and test biochar.

Warm Heart continues to build upon and implement sustainable agriculture practices that will have long term effects on climate change, help prevent critical public health issues, and restore the soil to increase crop yields.

To learn more about Warm Heart’s efforts, visit the Biochar Project.

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