Preserving Our World for Our Children

Do you agree our children deserve a better world than where we are headed?

Damage to our environment from climate change can be averted, but we need to act now.

One of the problems contributing to climate change is the overload of CO2 that is heating up our atmosphere.

We are now at a point where we not only need to stop further release of CO2, we must take action to eliminate the CO2 that has built up overtime.

Our western lifestyle, including our use of electricity, fuel for our transportation, energy for heating or cooling our homes all add CO2 to our atmosphere.

Commit to a monthly donation of $15, $20, or $25 dollars today.

Biochar Carbon Removal provides an immediate solution!

You can help bring down our CO2 levels

No matter how hard we try to reduce our own footprint we still contribute to the carbon problem.

Now you can offset your carbon footprint by supporting the training of farmers on how to make and use biochar, and help put an end to open field burning.

How does that work?

Our biochar project trains farmers how to make biochar from their crop waste, eliminating smoke and green house gases being released through open field burning.

When they bury the carbon in the soil it creates a carbon sink, in essence they create “carbon credits” that can be exchanged for cash.

This is a project we started in Thailand, and has spread to Africa. But we need all smallholder farmers around the globe to participate.

This is just the beginning stage, and your participation in supporting farmer’s training to produce carbon credits will go a long ways in helping expand this program.

A great way to actually make a difference, a positive step to protect your children’s future.

Helping farmers succeed can help now, today, to bring down the carbon levels needed to lead to a better future for your children.

Reduce your carbon footprint by supporting Biochar Carbon Removal to train more farmers how to turn crop waste into biochar, reduce CO2 emissions AND remove carbon by sequestering the pure carbon back into the earth.

STS Carbon Removal Benefits

Who buys carbon credits?

Individuals, couples, families, small businesses, large corporations buy carbon credits to offset their carbon footprint.

Purchasing carbon credits helps:

+ Raise poor farmers out of poverty,

+ Reduces CO2 emissions from open field burning of crop waste

+ Stores carbon in the soil for hundreds of years, and

+ Improves food production

All transactions are tracked through blockchain technology.

Learn more about blockchains. Follow us at Biochar Trust It is actually quite exciting to watch the farmer’s progress!

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