Methane’s Climate Footprint

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Assessing Methane’s Potency and Long-Term Effects on the Environment by Kat Sarmiento When talking about climate change and/or global warming, the greenhouse effect is inevitably brought to the table. The greenhouse effect is a natural phenomenon that happens in order … Read More

Press Release

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Release date:  7 March 2022 Breaking news:  Biochar Life’s new accreditation sets the groundwork for pioneering collaboration with smallholder farmers in the battle against climate change. Biochar Life, PBC, (“Biochar Life”) an impact venture of Warm Heart Worldwide (“Warm Heart”) … Read More

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How can we improve this world we all share? Our world needs to change. How we live. How we treat one another. How we balance human needs with the environment and all the life we share our earth with. Unfortunately, … Read More

Wishing Star Program

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We want to share with you a most magical time here in Phrao for our children at Warm Heart! Sandee, who is an 8th grade student at Verso, an innovative International School in Bangkok, volunteers her time helping the children … Read More

Sustainable Earth

Global crop waste burning – micro-biochar; how a small community development organization learned experientially to address a huge problem one tiny field at a time “The world’s 2.5 billion poorest people – small farmers living at the far fringe of … Read More

Quarterly Report – Malawi Project

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Biochar Training at Mikuyu Prison Farm, Zomba, Malawi October 4, 2021 Our team in Malawi has been working on putting together a biochar training program for the Mikuyu Prison Farm in Zomba, Malawi for a few years.  The prison grows … Read More

Before the Rains Come

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Agroforestry Project Update It’s time to start adding biochar in the soil. We put biochar around the newly planted trees to keep water, moisture, and nutrients for trees. Learn more about our Agroforestry Project.

Quarterly Report – Young Smart Farmers

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May 23, 2021 Not a Typical Year Thailand typically has 3 seasons: Winter (Nov – Feb), Summer (Mar – June), and Monsoon Rainy Season (July – Oct).  Our summer has been very hot this year.  Local weather conditions influenced by … Read More

Changing our Plastic Ways

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It is wonderful how people have responded to awareness of how bad plastic is for our environment. One of the biggest achievements has been the reduction in the use of plastic bags, and other one-time use plastic products that are … Read More

Quarterly Report – Children’s Homes

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April 7, 2021 Our children are looking forward to the year-end “summer” break”. It’s hot and the skies are dark with smoke from crop burning and forest fires.  The children were all wearing masks because of the smoke before COVID made them … Read More

Quarterly Report – Core Competency, Job Skills

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March 6, 2021 Steady Progress With your gifts to date and monthly commitments, we have over 70% of the first-year’s budget in place. We are moving forward. The equipment has been selected and our first teacher identified,  The English curriculum is being tested with a … Read More

Our School Bus Has Arrived!

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We can not even begin to describe our deepest gratitude for your support with the purchase of our school bus! All we can say is Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! We can now transport all of of children safely … Read More

Incentives Always Work

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Small farmers around the globe produce a significant amount of gases that add to the problem of global warming. It is an important problem in the complexity of factors that feed climate change. The good news is this problem has … Read More

Sponsor Update Attitaya

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Age: 17 Grade: 9th Recent Report Card Attitaya is now in 9th grade. She finished 8th grade with a strong GPA of 3.45, and with 7 “A” ’s in total. She is doing well in all her core subjects – … Read More

Sponsor Update A

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History 2016 In 2016 we had a flu epidemic run through Warm Heart (fun times!). A was a sickie – but not so sick that he ever stopped worrying about his little brothers, B and C. That is what makes … Read More

World Children’s Day

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When we started Warm Heart in 2008, we were unsure about a lot of things, but one thing we knew with certainty was that children deserve all the love, kindness, and opportunities that this world has to offer. That belief … Read More

Our Dream of a New School Bus

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We would love to buy a brand-new school bus to tote our 45 kids back and forth to school!  But our plans are more realistic. December 1st is Giving Tuesday. We are launching our School Bus fundraising campaign on this … Read More

Chiang Mai City Life Magazine

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We were absolutely delighted when City Life Magazine published an article about our Peace Now art contest! We feel the benefits of this activity for the children are multilevel. Fun exposure to Art Creative outlet Encouragement to explore and improve … Read More

Sponsor Update Pim

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Age: 13 Grade: 5th The school year ended mid-March, just as the COVID 19 lockdown started. Pim went to her mountain village to stay with her family and came back in June for a July 1 school opening. The students are … Read More

Forest Recovery

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 “Inherit, retain, and continue to create sustainable highhill land” On July 22, 2020 the Shangri-la/Warm Heart biochar project donated 10 tons of biochar to the Recover Forest Project in Mae Wak. In attendance at this climate action activity was the … Read More

Our Community

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It already feels so wonderful to be loved by your neighbors. But here at Warm Heart we get a truly special kind of love. I think the best place to start describing that love has to be the random gifts. … Read More

My friend Henry

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I’ve made a friend here. We have so much in common. We can both go from very outgoing to shy in seconds. Just about the only time we come out from our hiding places is to eat. And you know … Read More

Sponsor Update Sarawoot

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Age 14 Grade 9 Recent Report Card He is maintaining his GPA at 1.62 but needs to spend more time on homework and reading. Hobbies: Playing games Interests: Games, studying Wishes: A secret thing Dream: Game Caster Worries: About studying … Read More

Lockdown in Chiang Mai

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Today I went to the Old City for the first time since February. What I saw there shook me beyond comprehension. This whole time my life at WarmHeart has not changed at all. The days are still filled with work … Read More

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