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Archive Environmental News February 2022

How can we improve this world we all share?

Our world needs to change. How we live. How we treat one another. How we balance human needs with the environment and all the life we share our earth with.

Unfortunately, we have neglected to pay attention to the damage that was being done to our environment as our society has evolved.

The imbalance that we have created is showing up in how the climate is changing, and in the breakdown of our ecosystems.

Now is a time to look back, and see what we did wrong, and find a better way to share this home we call planet Earth.

The United Nations came together and all agree that the 17 Sustainable Development Goals will help improve our world, for everyone.

By taking action now and working together we need to reverse as much damage as possible.

We need to look towards the future, and build a more equal, more compassionate, and more balanced world

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Steps You Can Take

As an individual it may seem like a big task to take on to change the world. When you break it down into smaller chunks you will find any problem can be solved.

For more small steps you can take browse through these 170 actions and see how many you can do! Each SDG has 10 suggestions. Read them with your kids and take action!

Get your children involved!

Your children will be dealing with the problems brought about by climate change. Teach them about the 17 Sustainable Goals, and how they can help shape the future of our planet.

Climate Kids is a wonderful resource for learning materials for children “educating youth on climate change through science, art, and storytelling“.

Here are a couple of good resources to help get you started! You can download at the bottom of the page.

Have fun with your kids reading about the different animals and color the pictures. Be sure and print out enough pages for everyone to color their own!

Lots of ideas to explore with your kids!

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