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Climate Change, Food Security, and Biochar

What do these all have in common?

Climate change is impacting our food security, changing weather patterns are wreaking havoc on small farmers.

According to UN reports, “the share of small-scale food producers in terms of all food producers in countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America ranges from 40 to 85 per cent”.

In addition to unpredictable weather, farmers are faced with depleted soils that bring in smaller crops.

World hunger is rising, and our food security is diminishing.

Biochar is a solution to both Climate Change and Food Security.

Small farmers currently open field burn their crop residue to prepare for the next planting season.

This practice greatly contributes to global warming.

Making biochar eliminates the smoke, reducing global warming gases.

The biochar can then be used as a supreme soil conditioner to bring dead solis back to life, increasing crop harvest with a higher quality product.

Burning Season is Upon Us

If you live in an area where farmers are burning their crops, you can help make a difference by spreading the word to your local farmers. Making biochar can bring in extra income to the farmers, and help improve their harvests.

There is no excuse not to make biochar. It is a simple process that can be done by digging a trench. It is not high tech nor does it require a large capital layout to make biochar.

We Need More Sister Miriam Paulettes!

Our partner project in Africa is headed by Sister Miriam Paulette, a Nun who has made a huge impact in Malawi and other areas of Africa through training over 2,500 farmers how to make biochar. And the project continues to grow.

Food security is a real threat to our future, and our children’s future. We need to act now to turn the situation around. Biochar will do that.


Biochar Training

Sister Miriam’s Story

Biochar Trench

DIY Videos

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