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What does it mean to a child to have a sponsor?

It means that they are not alone, there is someone out there who cares about them.

Someone who provides wings for them to pursue their dreams, and build a future for themselves through an education.

It means the world to them.


Aom is thirteen going on thirty. He’s big, bookish and bespectacled.

Somehow, he has avoided strenuous labor his whole life only to come to Warm Heart where his desire is to be helpful has led him into Dr. Shafer’s grasp.

Every Saturday and Sunday, poor Aom is out in the sun with Shafer digging, setting stones or helping with some other arduous task. It’s a learning experience.

In fact, almost everything at Warm Heart is a learning experience for Aom.

He is Lanna Thai, just one of three among the Akha Karen, Lahu and Lisu hill tribe kids.

Here he has gone suddenly from a village with no school to school at school and school at home!

We are not worried about Aom. This young man is destined for great things – and a nicer kid can’t be found.