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Annual End of Year Report

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Dear Friends,

As we reach the end of 2019, Warm Heart wants to thank you for your overwhelming support and to report to you about what your dollars have accomplished. You have changed the world. Honest.

All four of the Warm Heart projects that you have supported have outperformed, accomplishing major goals without yet reaching their full target budgets. They are now expanding their visions.

Empower Young Girls (now the Higher Education Fund Project): Target $50,000

All minority children face high barriers to getting an education. Their villages seldom have schools. When they attend Thai schools, they seldom speak Thai and rapidly fall behind.

Thailand has among the worst urban-rural distributions of educational resources in the world, so the education they can get is poor.

If they qualify for university, they often cannot attend because families cannot afford housing, food, and university uniforms, books and supplies.

Our Children and Education Program began in the hope of getting minority children beyond the mandatory grade 6.

Today we have 16 children at university.

The Higher Education fund that you support permits our children to attend university by providing interest free loans to cover any costs that remain after scholarships and so on.

Graduates are already paying off their loans, but it will be a long time before loan repayments cover new loans.

Help expand “Young Smart Farmers” organic gardens: Target $16,000

Across the developing world, poor farmers raise low value staple crops because they cannot afford costly traditional refrigeration for higher value vegetables and fruits.

We know this problem because it plagues our communities and forced us to go to the market constantly because we could not keep food for more than a day.

With your support, we created super-insulating, homemade bricks from ground Styrofoam cement and built a model, low cost cold room for storing produce.

Our children know the whole process. With your support, we then expanded our organic gardens to make full use of our cold store. As we did so, the children learned all about organic farming.

Stop the Smoke: Target $25,000

Worldwide, crop waste burning by small farmers produces hundreds of millions of tonnes of greenhouse gases, smog precursors and PM2.5 (nanoparticles that kill more people in the developing world annually than dengue, hepatitis, HIV, malaria and TB combined).

Stop the Smoke aims to do that – stop it before it even exists, by teaching the world’s poorest farmers to convert their crop waste into valuable biochar.

With the funds you have donated, Warm Heart has completed preparations for the first, profitable village-scale biochar social enterprise.

The business starts when the harvest ends in January, 2020. Then we hope to replicate it across Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Sustainable Farming to Relieve Hunger in Malawi: Target: $10,000

The Warm Heart Malawi Biochar Project has outdone itself.

It has trained almost 2,500 farmers, made biochar training a regular part of student activities at the National College of Medical and Health Sciences, Zomba Campus (100 public health nurses per training), and will train the corrections officers and soon-to-be-released prisoners at every prison in Malawi when the harvest is in.

The project also established five training centers in Central and West Kenya. Your support has been essential to the Project accomplishing all of this.

This is the single most cost-effective Project I have ever seen.

I hope that you will encourage friends to support it. Malawi is the poorest country in the world and the farmers the Project helps are the poorest people in Malawi.

To all of you, again, thank you, thank you, thank you.

We so appreciate every single dollar that you have donated.

You have given us the ability to conduct projects we once only dreamed of.

The people you have helped us to help themselves and to help still others thank you, too.

Your donations are not just stones in a pond that create spreading ripples of goodness; they are stones skipped across the surface of a pond, launching ripples of help every place they touch down!

Thank you,

Michael, Evelind, and the entire Warm Heart team

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