New Friends from Calgary

On Saturday, March 17, Evelind and the Warm Heart crew left early in the morning to attend a wedding in the mountains. Michael stayed behind, and we are so glad that he did!

We had some unexpected visitors to Warm Heart on Saturday, a family from Calgary. They brought wonderful gifts for our children that were collected by their two sons Kai and Taye, as well as an always much appreciated cash donation to our program.

It was a wonderful experience for all involved, and we are so grateful to Goy for directing them to us, and for the new friends we have made from Calgary, and that Michael was there to greet them!

Vanessa D’Souza explained:

“This trip for us required some special planning for us. Goy, our ex nanny for Kai and Taye is now family for us. We had promised her that we would visit her village one day – when the boys would be old enough to remember a calibre of a trip like this.

I have pulled them out of school for one month to learn about Thailand and visit with this new family of ours in Phrao.

Visiting an orphanage was part of the plan for us. Goy was the one who directed us to you. I asked for her to find a small scaled orphanage , not linked to any of the big NGOs- as we wanted to make more of a local impact to the children in her village.

And it was equally important for me boys to initiate and organize all the donations.

About a month ago, they made a flyer and distributed to their classrooms, family and friends.

What we donated was a result of 2 weeks worth after the ask. We had to turn some items away, as we simply could not have carried more.

My heart was full to see other kids (including Kai and Taye) aged 7-11years from Calgary donating their own special items and even their own money.

We are a family who places high value on education, service and making greater impact in this world.

This choice of us giving to your program was in a way- a perfect choice for us. We were impressed with the foresight and what we saw. Thank you again.”

We hope the next time they come visit they can stay longer and Evelind will have a chance to meet them too!