Warm Heart is a non-profit Community Development Organization based in rural Phrao, Thailand.

We serve the rural poor of the North from our headquarters in Phrao. We started from nothing 12 years ago. Today, 40 kids live in our Children’s Homes and attend local schools. We sponsor another 30 at a local, government boarding school, have 5 kids away at vocational-technical high schools and 15 at university.

Our Environmental Program is focused on teaching sustainable farming to local farmers. We have trained hundreds of small farmers and last year our biochar project was recognized with a World Energy Globe Award. Our Sustainable Farming Biochar training has been adopted in Malawi, Kenya, and Ghana, where communities are working towards clean air and sustainable food security.

Our Microenterprise Project provides economic opportunities for those living in poverty. We create jobs for local women’s artisan co-ops and train men and women who currently have no marketable skills. Our goal? Empower the poor to help themselves. All profits are reinvested in the Project.

In Phrao, the disabled and elderly cannot get to public health programs or services. Project Access serves those most in need, those without family, friends or funds, those with overwhelming care needs who cannot care for themselves. Project Access, provides the people of Phrao with support and resources critical to their health and well-being. Learn more.

How you can help

Warm Heart needs strong advocates to help us spread the word about all the amazing work we do and we need your help.

This toolkit is designed to help you become a stronger advocate and make it easier for you to spread the word amongst your friends, families, and communities.

The more people know about us the more we will be able to raise to help those children in Thailand create a sustainable future for themselves. We’re as strong as our team and we need all the advocates we can get. Here are actions you can take right from the comfort of your own home!

1) Social Media – Comment and Share!

One of the easiest and most effective ways you can help Warm Heart is to comment on our posts, then share to your page. Both of these actions can help our posts be seen by more people and help us increase our base of supporters. Be sure and add a link to our site so people can learn more about what we are accomplishing and the people we are helping! www.warmheartworldwide.org

2) Support one of our Projects

We have so many projects, every single one is important. Choose one that you care about, and become a monthly donor. Even a small monthly donation, $15 – $25 a month, greatly helps keep our programs running. Visit our Global Giving page, read about our different projects, and put your money where your heart is! Global Giving Projects

3) Share your own story!

Write a post about what you like about Warm Heart! Have you volunteered, experienced Warm Heart first hand? Share a memory of what you enjoyed – and add a few hashtags to help us reach a wider audience!






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When Warm Heart was established in 2008, we spent the first year talking with members of the local communities and identified the need for a Children’s Home for disadvantaged children as the first priority.

There were many hill-tribe children from ethnic minority villages that had no school so they often came down to the valley to study.

Because the children couldn’t speak Thai, they were often left behind in schools while also struggling to find places to stay after the closure of a hill tribe children’s home by the government to ‘boost educational performance’.

A portion of our funding is generated through our Sponsor a Child program, where individuals, organizations, or groups of friends sponsor one of our children. We always have a list of children in need, waiting for their very own sponsor.

We need your help to gain more sponsors and you can do that by sharing our work on social media.

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Amazon offers a very easy way to help raise funds for Warm Heart. Choose Warm Heart as your favorite charity, and Amazon will make a donation to Warm Heart based on your purchases!

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