Our goal is to ensure access to care and dignity for our elderly and disabled

Welcome to our Access to Care Program: Ensuring Access to Care and Dignity for the Elderly and Disabled

At Warm Heart, we are committed to supporting rural communities and providing comprehensive care throughout the entire life-cycle of our community members. 

One of our key initiatives is our small but dedicated ‘Access to Care’ team, comprising Public Health qualified staff and volunteers. This team goes above and beyond, making over 1,000 visits each year to the poor, isolated, elderly, and disabled individuals in remote parts of the region who are unable to access public resources.

Our Access to Care Services:

  1. Home Visits and Support: Our team conducts regular home visits, offering more than just food and supplies. These visits provide friendship, support, personal care, and assistance with everyday tasks. 
  1. We assist with organizing medical appointments, arranging transportation, and addressing the unique needs of each individual, ensuring they receive the care and attention they deserve.
  1. Access to Mobility Aids: We understand the importance of mobility for the elderly and disabled. Through partnerships and reduced-cost resources, we are able to provide wheelchairs, walkers, eye-glasses, and hearing aids to those in need within our community, free of charge.
  1. Access to Medical Treatment: Many individuals in poverty-stricken and isolated areas struggle to access critical medical appointments due to lack of transportation or financial constraints. At Warm Heart, we prioritize ensuring that everyone has access to vital medical treatment. We allocate resources and funds to address transportation challenges and provide support throughout the medical journey.
  1. Access to Home Restoration: Basic home renovations can have a profound impact on the lives of those in poverty. Our Access to Care team collaborates with community organizations to help villagers address issues related to sanitation and dignity. Whether it’s fixing a leaking roof, mending broken sewage pipes, restoring water supply, building access ramps, or providing essential furniture, our team is dedicated to improving living conditions and enhancing the quality of life for the elderly and disabled.

Funding and How You Can Help:

Initially, our Access to Care program was driven solely by volunteers. However, with the increasing demand for our services, we sought funding to employ a healthcare expert. 

Generous grants from the Brothers Trust have allowed us to hire a full-time Public Health qualified employee, acquire a reliable vehicle, and plan for the expansion of our Access to Care initiative.

To sustain and expand our services, we rely on the support of compassionate individuals like you. 

Your contributions make a significant difference in the lives of those in need. 

We require a constant supply of food, glasses, hearing aids, new clothes, adult diapers, walking aids, and fuel for our vehicles.

If you can offer a donation of money, goods, or volunteer your time, you will play a crucial role in ensuring access to care and dignity for the elderly and disabled in our community.

Join us in making a positive impact today. Together, we can transform lives and create a caring and inclusive community.

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