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What does it mean to a child to have a sponsor?

It means that they are not alone, there is someone out there who cares about them.

Someone who provides wings for them to pursue their dreams, and build a future for themselves through an education.

It means the world to them.

Ying Yai

Like many of our kids, Ying Yai is Karen, but Karen from Burma where a bitter war of ethnic cleansing has raged for decades, forcing millions to flee.

She is from Tung Haa village here in Phrao, but is a mouth too many in her family.

Her father is gone and her mother is an unskilled day laborer.

Warm Heart has given Ying Yai, her mother and her sister hope.

This girl has a brilliant smile. She loves to play volleyball with her friends, but also loves to read and draw cartoons.

She is working hard on her English.