Warm Heart’s Urgent Need for Water

Climate change, a renewed El Nino & seasonal hot weather have combined to create a serious drought in Thailand, threatening crops, tap-water supplies and livelihoods across the country.

Last year Warm Heart suffered through the worst drought in recent memory and the hottest year on record. Do you have any idea what it is like having 40 kids and no water for dishes? For bathing? For toilets? We were in desperate need of a second well with a really big cistern.

Volunteers to the Rescue!

We received $2,500 for the project from a few of our strong supporters, but we were still short $2,500 to complete the job.

Two local volunteers, Amanda Gedney and Shawn Healy, responded to our plight by taking on the goal of raising the final $2,500 we needed for the well. And they succeeded! We are filled with so much gratitude to Amanda and Shawn for taking on this project, and to every single person who donated to this cause. Thank you just does not express our deep appreciation!

To get to water, we needed to drill down 390 feet and install a powerful pump at the bottom.


We also needed to build a huge, underground cistern to hold a big enough reserve of water for the kids.

We were very fortunate and struck water!


On Friday, May 5, the electric authority connected the Three Phase Power to our electric pole on the road.

The electrician came on Sunday to hook up to our campus grid. (And now the office lights go on at night!) We called the Well company to come back and make sure the well pump is working.

Yesterday, Wednesday they arrived and connected to the electric fuse box and the pump worked fine.


The next step was for our staff to hook up the switch so we can turn it on and off easily and safely.


We will run the water for several hours to make sure it runs smoothly – we need to hook up a pipe to the fish pond so we don’t waste the water.


We are waiting for our contractor to confirm when he can erect the water tower so we have enough gravity to move the water across to various buildings.

Nothing is simple in this life, but we are well (no pun intended) on our way to having the new well providing water.

Just in time to absorb 11 new children for the start of the new school year!

We would like to thank and acknowledge all of those who made this project a reality:

A great big THANK YOU to all of you who helped make this happen! – Amanda Gedney ~~~ Shawn Healy ~~~ Roni Gold ~~~ David Sass ~~~ Melissa Charney ~~~ John and Kathy Gedney ~~~ Revan Jaro ~~~ Audrey Korth ~~~ Evan Korth ~~~ Stacy Healy ~~~ Andrew Bodnar ~~~ Milton Fernandez ~~~ Gregory Kaye ~~~ Mark Manas ~~~ Melissa Gedney ~~~ Susan Weisman ~~~ Jared Fertig ~~~ Francine and Lenny Goldstein ~~~ Daniel Shorr ~~~ Leigh Harbin ~~~ Ethan Rubin ~~~ Caitlyn Glatting ~~~ Leigha Jarett ~~~ Revan Jaro ~~~ Lisa Schutzer ~~~ Dan Kestenbaum
Rodney Cullen ~~~ Holly Humlick ~~~ Madeleine Scullin ~~~ John Doyle ~~~ Bernard Zylberberg ~~~ Elu Aiyana ~~~ Monique Ruane ~~~ Caitlyn Nepper ~~~ Joseph Michael Grant ~~~ Sarah Jornsay-Silverberg ~~~ Peter Mai ~~~ Genghis Kinuthai ~~~ Alice Bennett ~~~ Theresa Nelson ~~~ Jessica Litras ~~~ Wiebke Clausen ~~~ Michael Abramow ~~~ Kathryn Gedney ~~~ Rojda Orhan ~~~ Arielle Pooser ~~~ Meriam Seboka ~~~ Chrissy Collins ~~~ Nele Deisel-Teckentrup ~~~ Romy Golembiewski ~~~ Elizabeth Roxburgh ~~~ Julia Jornsay-Silverberg ~~~ Fran Silverberg ~~~ Nicholas Harris ~~~ Matthew Marcu ~~~ Molly Stanek ~~~ Louise Meloche ~~~ Brian Grow ~~~ Amy Fyle ~~~ Nely Layanto ~~~ Hyacinth Belcher ~~~ Rojada Orhan ~~~ Teach English Chiang Mai