Warm Heart Featured in Smoke Documentary

Dr. D. Michael Shafer, president and co-founder of Warm Heart Worldwide, is featured in the documentary “Smoke: A Crisis in Northern Thailand” which analyzes the burning season and its impact on the economy, environment, and public health.

“The burning season is terrible for the health of everyone it touches,” Michael states in the opening scene of the film.

Marisa Marchitelli, a Chiang Mai resident and Thai native, produced the film to raise awareness of the safety hazards and influence change.

The documentary was shown on Friday, January 8 at 1:00 pm at the Multiple Cropping Center (MCC) of Chiang Mai University. Michael and Gordon Hirst, Program Manager of the Warm Heart Environmental program, presented their research on biochar at the premiere.

Marisa did a wonderful job showing the detrimental effects the smokey season has on local residents and the  environment. Please watch and share to continue raising awareness!