Training Materials for Biochar Sustainable Agriculture

Presented by Warm Heart Environmental Project, 2016

This collection of training materials was designed by Warm Heart Environmental project. Our commitment is to provide education in regards to Biochar. We cover the basics of Biochar, how to build a biochar oven, how to use it, and other sustainable agricultural training materials.

Our goal is to increase the making of and use of biochar in sustainable agricultural practice around the world.

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Training Materials – Focus on Biochar

Biochar – The Sustainable Solution to Haze


Biochar Training Part 1

Also available in a Thai Version

Biochar Training Part 2


Also available in a Thai Version

How to Make a Biochar Oven


Making Biochar Fertilizer


Training Materials – Focus on Sustainable Agricultural Practices

Basic Planting


Marketing Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Reforestation Primer

Companion Planting Ideas

Using EM Solution

Making EM Solution

Making Bokashi Starter

Crop Rotation Families

Simple Suggestions for More Profitable Farming