Making a Difference

Warm Heart’s public health program, Project Access, provides the disabled and elderly with basic health services and the love and care they need.

Our program also partners with neighbors, local governments and strategic partners to help renovate and build safe homes.

We were contacted by locals to help a loved member of the Chiang Am village (Village 9 of Mae Waen sub-district). The man is disabled and quite poor.

His original home provided very little shelter and greatly reduced his quality of life. He lived in a one-room straw hut without a proper kitchen and with no toilet.

Project Access Volunteer, Tuff Witarama, visited the man and his home to see what needed to be done.

He quickly realized the home needed to be entirely rebuilt and thus decided to begin raising money to support the project. He raised 15,000 baht on behalf of Warm Heart in a matter of only one week.

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Another Warm Heart staff, P’Tai, also helped organize the construction. She reached out to an NGO who she felt would be interested in lending a hand.

The Foundation for the Disabled in Chiang Mai matched Warm Heart’s donation and provided materials for the man to begin his new life including a bed, clothes, and toiletries.

Farmer nai’yok of Mae Wan coordinated the help from villagers to rebuild the home. They spent a full four hard-working days to complete the home.

The man was incredibly grateful and happy to have a proper, clean space to live.

On February 18, Warm Heart helped welcome the man into his new home during the house blessing. Check out photos from the project and blessing!