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Warm Heart is a small, independent organization. We are not part of a global NGO nor do we have offices in the money centers of the world.

We rely entirely on the internet – email, social media and our website – to tell people about the problems our community confront and how we are helping. It is therefore essential that we have high quality videos of all of our events and projects. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a great 30 second video is worth a thousand donations! It takes a really talented videographer to make one, however!

Position Overview

Warm Heart seeks an experienced videographer to help us make informative and emotionally compelling videos that are also aesthetically gorgeous in order to provide us with high impact content for our social media campaigns, website, fundraising efforts and informational materials.

Primary Responsibilities

• Work with Warm Heart senior staff to define key video projects and then execute those projects autonomously.
• Story board, shoot and edit the videos coordinating with senior staff around transportation, translation and other resources.
• Where deemed important, be available to video key Warm Heart events, activities and projects.
• Where deemed important, assist with editing existing footage to complete required videos.
• Edit and catalog all clips, uploading them to the Warm Heart online Team Center archive.
• Assist with other projects, as assigned (e.g. volunteers are required to teach English for 2 hours of each week)


• Desire to learn
• Willingness to work hard under all conditions (hot season or monsoon)
• Ability to think creatively and work with a diverse workforce, including Thai work staff, schoolchildren, and foreign volunteers
• Extensive previous experience required, professional training and experience preferred
• Conversationally fluent in English

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