What does it mean to a child to have a sponsor?

It means that they are not alone, there is someone out there who cares about them.

Someone who provides wings for them to pursue their dreams, and build a future for themselves through an education.

It means the world to them.


This young man was gifted to us by a teacher who is a long-term friend. He is bright, hardworking, personable and poor.

Mitichai is from a tiny farming village and somehow managed (with this teacher’s help) to stay in school all the way through high school. As graduation approached, she came to us to ask if we could support him in the advanced vocational training program offered by MaeJo University, the local agricultural faculty.

It was an easy choice and one that has already paid off for Warm Heart.

During his holidays, Mitichai always stops at Warm Heart where he has become a role model for our boys, one of whom is now attending the same school – on full scholarship – inspired by Mitichai’s example.

We really like this young man and hope to be able to support him through the rest of his studies.