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What’s Happening at Warm Heart Wordwide

Warm Heart Quarterly Newsletter 2015

To Commence is to Begin

2015 was a year of new beginnings!

Three of our kids graduated from kindergarten – not bad if you spoke no Thai at the start of the year!
NINE Warm Heart kids graduated from 9
th grade, a big deal in Thailand, since without a 9th grade certificate you can’t get a modern sector job.
What’s really amazing is that our kids represented 35% of the graduating class!
Then we officially graduated one from high school (going on to university to study Chinese) and graduated two we “sponsor” (one of whom is going to work and the other to Maejo University’s agriculture training program).
One of our Warm Heart sponsored girls at Ton Roong, our partner primary school, graduated from 6
th grade. In the fall she will be joining us at Warm Heart Children’s Home. She will attend 7th grade – the first person in her village to go beyond primary school!

Meet our Kids

Nit is one of our superstars! Nit has just completed her first year in the Bachelors of Social Work program at Thammasat University in Bangkok. After acing her finals she is ready to take on sophomore year.


Great things are happening at Warm Heart!

  • New Designs in our MicroEnterprise store, check them out!
  • Wyndham Vale Sewing Circles in Australia donated 50 beautiful handmade quilts to Warm Heart children. Thank you Marj and John Mitchell !
  • Warm Heart recently signed a Memo of Understanding with Chiang Mai University formalizing our collaboration in sustainable agriculture.
  • Project Access welcomes our new Public Health Volunteer, Tuff Witarama, who has a Master’s in Public Health.




Volunteer Spotlight

Working in a Hill Tribe Village

by Omar Cham

If you haven’t taken the time to visit a hill tribe village, you are missing out on the whole Thai experience.

Recently I had the opportunity to travel with the agricultural team from Chiang Mai University (CMU) to one of their testing sites in a small village called Bor Khrai about 40 minutes from Pai.

Pai itself is located 120kms from Chiang Mai on the famous 600-kilometer Mae Hong Son loop which is a highly recommended four-day excursion for the intrepid visitor with stunning scenery and countless turns. (Read More)

Fundraising Success!

Our recent fundraising campaign to raise money for a new truck was a huge success!Much gratitude to everyone who contributed!
School’s Open Please Donate Now!
Help with our Back to School campaign would be greatly appreciated!

The new school year began on May 18, and we have a lot of children to get ready for back to school!

Uniforms, new shoes, pencils,  and school supplies. You know the drill if you have ever had kids. And we have close to 60 to get ready!

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