Kru Eed

Kru Eed is Kru Noi’s husband and didn’t really join Warm Heart at all; he was joined to Warm Heart in 2014 to teach Thai and math driving Kru Noi to teach the kids 6 days a week for more than a year!

Inspired by her passion and enthusiasm to teach and seeing how much the children enjoyed being with her, Kru Eed decided to teach alongside her.

Kru Eed really enjoys being with kids and it’s evident that the children adore him as well as they huddle around him reciting their Thai vowels and consonants at the top of their lungs.

How he manages is something of a miracle, as the little boys’ idea of studying with him includes sitting on him and on the table in front of him.

He is infinitely patient, however, and is a large part of the reason that our kids are such stars in math at school.