Help a struggling student reach their potential

We promised our kids that education was the path out of poverty. We promised that if they worked hard and studied they would succeed in life.

When they work hard and achieve a new level in education, our costs rise, high school, technical schools. And college.

Our children come from poverty, they do not have a system of support to help pay for an education.

Not all of our children will continue their education through college.

But for those who have worked hard for their dreams and aspirations, we will see them through college.

We currently have 14 in high school and technical schools, and 4 in college. We are very proud of their achievements!

But we need help.

High school and technical school’s increase the costs per child roughly $500 more a year. College is costing $5,000 a year per student. This is over and above our daily cost of taking care of all the children at Warm Heart.

You can help by contributing to our College Fund.

All donations are tax deductible.


children need sponsors
children need sponsors