In Chiang Mai, Warm Heart wants to save the world!

And we have a simple way you can help.

We have created a social enterprise with 100 farmers we have taught how to make biochar from their crop waste…

…instead of burning it in the field, which causes not just our local haze, but global warming, smog, and millions of deaths worldwide.

As an incentive, we have promised the farmers to buy all the biochar they can make. We are looking at over 7.8 tons of biochar!

Super Hero

That is where you come in.

It is simple, really, really easy –

You buy the biochar from the farmers!

You may be scratching your head asking “What is biochar and what would I do with biochar if I had it?”

save the world

What’s biochar? Why biochar is super charcoal made by heating stuff like crop waste without oxygen.


…Making biochar removes CO2 from the atmosphere and stops emissions of greenhouse gases, smog precursors, and yes, haze.

Cool. But what do I do with the stuff?

Donate it to Warm Heart!

We will turn it into “Super Dirt”, a powerful soil amendment (that helps reduce global warming, restores degraded soils and cleanses the food chain), and sell it.

What will we use the profits for? To set up more social enterprise’s, with more farmers, create more biochar, until all the smoke from open field burning is gone.


  • Cooler world

  • Cleaner air

  • Healthier Environment

  • Enriched poor

And you helped make it happen. That’s a lot you can be proud of, because without you it would never have happened.

No need to get your hands dirty, or struggle with a heavy bag of biochar. We will do all the work!

Buy. Donate. Feel Good.

Learn more about Biochar, and visit our Crowdrise “Stop the Smoke 2018” campaign page to buy your biochar and help save the world!

Stop the Smoke! In action:

A few photos from the field


Every dollar raised goes directly to the farmers to buy their biochar.