Warm Heart Videos

We are very fortunate to have extremely talented volunteers spend time with us here at Warm Heart. They have helped us create short informative videos about Warm Heart and our projects. We also offer free biochar training videos in both Thai and English. You can see all of our videos on our Youtube Channel!

We would like to thank everyone who has participated with building our video library!

Your Environment and Ours: Warm Heart’s Biochar Project

Watch our short video about the Environment. You will immediately understand the reason our project Biochar Project is so important and will have a positive impact for everyone!

Warm Heart Worldwide: Building Communities in Northern Thailand

Poverty is all most of this community has ever known, and their future does not look promising either. Warm Heart is trying to change that, working with children, women, farmers, grandmothers, by building community programs that help these wonderful people discover how to help themselves and improve their lives through education.

Warm Heart Microenterprise: Empowering Local Women in Thailand

Press play to watch this powerful short 1 minute video, Northern Thailand hill tribe women’s co-op, traditional arts microenterprise community project by Warm Heart. Inspiring!

Children of Warm Heart

Meet the children of Warm Heart, discover where they come from, and see where they are going! Who knows, maybe you will fall in love! We have!

Dit’s House

What happens when the community comes together to help? Watch this cute video and see how community members and volunteers came together to help make Dit’s life a little easier by building a ramp for his wheelchair. And they had fun doing it!